Alabama laws related to damages are designed to compensate accident victims

Birmingham, ALAccidents always end up costing the individuals involved fairly large sums of money. This is especially true for collisions that result in a combination of medical problems, vehicle damage, and missed time from work. After a serious motor vehicle collision that results in medical treatment and related health problems, it is not always sufficient to merely file an insurance claim. Legal help tends to be the most effective way for an accident victim to receive compensation for significant losses, which cost in the range of thousands or millions of dollars if they can no longer work or require constant medical care. 

What are damages? 

The legal term for the amount of money lost by any accident victim is damages. Every state has slightly different laws related to how someone can be paid for things like economic losses such as property repairs and medical bills, as well as non-economic damages tied to mental and emotional trauma. When the plaintiff’s lawyer files an initial complaint to begin a lawsuit, they will mention the total amount of damages sustained by their client, and ask the court to consider this amount of relief. 

Laws for damages in Alabama

According to the Code of Alabama Title 6, Chapter 11, damages may come in several different forms in the state. All types of damages are meant to put the plaintiff in the place they would have been in, if not for the accident. 

Structured damages are related to any breach of warranty for an item or other failure to perform as intended and implied by a product or service.

The state also allows for past and future damages based on timing related to the date of the accident, losses already incurred, and future projected costs related to things like property repairs, additional medical treatment, and time when the victim cannot work. Some of these damages may go from the defendant to the plaintiff in periodic payments over the course of several years if necessary. 

Punitive damages are meant to punish a defendant who has engaged in some kind of reckless or illegal behavior that caused an injury. This may result in an award that is several times larger than compensatory damages for the plaintiff. 

Because these are state statutes, they apply in cities such as Birmingham, all counties, and everywhere else in the state. This means that the law will not change depending on the venue in the state where the lawsuit is filed. 

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