Albany, New York, How should a company handle a breach of contract?

Companies will often work with other companies when they need to purchase certain goods and services. Generally, when a company decides to work with another business, they will sign a contract that protects both their interests and the interests of the company they are using to make their purchase from. When a contract is properly drafted, it can be used to uphold a company’s rights to pursue litigation if the company they paid failed to follow through with the terms of the contract.


Examples of a Breach of Contract


  1. A business owner hires and pays a contractor to perform work on their place of business. The contractor begins the job he/she was contracted to complete but never returns to finish the job.


  1. A company orders wholesale products from another business and discovers that the products do not match the quality, design, etc. that was outlined in the contract.


  1. A company fails to pay a business owner for the services that he/she performed for them.


If a business owner in Orlando, FL experienced a breach of contract that resulted in him/her not receiving the goods or services they paid for, or payment for their services or products, there are a few ways he/she can address the issue.


  1. The business owner can try and work out the issue themselves.

The business owner can contact the company to try and work out the issue on their own. Sometimes, with a little communication, a business owner may be able to get the problem fixed.


  1. Contact a business law attorney in Albany, NY.

If a business owner is unable to get the issue resolved, he/she can contact a lawyer who will review the matter and determine what form of action needs to be taken. Generally, if one party breaches a contract and isn’t willing to work out the problem, they could be faced with legal repercussions. Now, depending on the circumstances, an attorney may decide to draft a breach of contract letter to inform the company that they did not follow through on their end of the contract to give them a chance to right their wrongs.

In the event that does not resolve the issue, there is always the option of filing a lawsuit in an effort to recover the money that is owed and possibly even damages (i.e. financial relief).

If a company owner in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, or a neighboring city is experiencing a contract issue and would like to discuss their matter in-depth with an Albany, NY business law lawyer, they can contact The Towne Law Firm, P.C. The attorneys at this firm are qualified to help a business owner better understand what their legal rights are in the matter and can provide them with the legal representation they will need to address the contract issue.


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