All you need to know about data breach compensation claims

You wouldn’t like someone stealing your ID card, would you? As citizens of the digital world, we input our personal info on various sites and apps, on the assumption that our data we’ll be protected. Unfortunately, not a week goes by without a new data breach scandal.

If someone steals something from you, you go to the police and file a complaint. The same applies to a data breach case. You have the right to complain and seek damages. However, things are more complicated with data breaches. It’s not like calling the police and having them retrieve your lost data. It’s already out there and someone may be using it. If you want to get damages, you need to look up seasoned data breach compensation lawyers. While this legal domain is fairly new, you’ll want reliable attorneys, like the Keller Postman group, with many years of expertise in this field.

What types of cases do data breach compensation attorneys handle?

The Keller Postman Data Breach division deals with all sorts of cases where personal information is accessed, sold, or distributed online.

Individual data breach

This refers to anyone illegally accessing and using your personal info, such as your home address, bank accounts, medical records, and any other stuff we normally keep private. If such info is used to cause you financial damage, loss of reputation or simply expose your private data to the general public, you have the right to be compensated. It doesn’t matter if you suffered no financial damage, the intrusion upon your privacy is reason enough to file a lawsuit and claim compensation.

Group data breach

This type of case deals with illegal accessing of a database of any sort which results in compromising the data of a whole group of people. For instance, an attack against a hospital or pension fund network can result in thousands of people’s most sensitive data being publicized on the Internet or sold to the highest bidder. In this type of situation, the solicitors at Keller Postman can bring a class action against those responsible. The compensation fund will be distributed equally among the plaintiffs. 

Cyber security breach

Any website or app that stores private information of its users is required by law to use encryption and strong security systems to protect the privacy of all that data. As a rule, when you input your personal info on a new site you may want to have a look at their privacy policy. Most people skip this part, but it is very important when you upload personal details anywhere online. 

If it turns out that your private info ended up in the wrong hands, skilled data breach compensation lawyers can help you get compensation. Usually, you’ll file a claim against the company that owns that site or app as it is their responsibility to protect your data. If they fell victim to a cyber attack it’s their problem. They should have taken adequate security measures when they set up the site.

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