After fourteen Americans were finally evacuated from a cruise ship in Japan, which had over 300 cases of infection on board, they were placed in a segregated portion on an airplane flight. The cruise ship they had been evacuated from, The Diamond Express, had been quarantined for over 10 days and it was thought that these passengers were clear to go. However, shortly after they set out for their flight it was confirmed that they were carrying the virus as well and they had to be placed in an isolated location in the airplane.

It was only after the passengers had set out on transport that officials were notified, they had tested positive for COVID-19 a couple of days earlier. United States health officials had originally stated they would not let infected individuals board any flights; however, they reversed their decision early last week. They said if the passengers were fit to fly and did not seem to have any symptoms, they could travel on the airplane. The passengers were isolated in the airplane and they were monitored carefully throughout the flight. Since they did not have any clear symptoms of carrying the virus the risk of them transmitting it is low.

On Monday morning, another flight carrying evacuees landed and the entire flight has been scheduled for a 14-day quarantine. If any individuals develop symptoms during this time, they will be moved to an appropriate area where they can be cared for properly. Those that do not test positive or develop any symptoms will be free to go home and continue their life as normal.

How many Americans have been infected with the Coronavirus?

The United States has a total of 29 infected cases when the 14 new cases are included in the count. It is worrying to think about the virus spreading in America and in other countries around the world, but the chances of COVID-19 spreading rapidly in other countries seems low considering how much care and consideration is being taken into checking up, monitoring, and treating infected individuals.

However, if precautions were not being taken then leading epidemiologists have stated that COVID-19 could easily afflict up to 60% of the globe. This number is striking especially when one considers the nature of the disease. Coronavirus mainly causes difficulty in breathing. For some people, this could mean a simple cough, while for others, it could mean pneumonia or even death. It is essential that everyone does whatever they can to help prevent this virus from spreading.

The main way to prevent the spread of the virus is to keep up excellent hygiene and to wash hands regularly. If anyone has been to the airport recently, or they have been in contact with an individual who had traveled in from the Wuhan area in the last few weeks, they should watch out for any possible symptoms. If they have trouble breathing, develop a cough or feel unwell they should visit their doctor immediately just to be safe.

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