CNN reported on one of the worst shootings in Wisconsin history, five people were killed by a gunman during a rampage on the Milwaukee campus of Molson Coors on Wednesday afternoon. The gunman died by suicide, bringing the total of known dead so far to six. Initial accounts from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel indicated at least seven had died, but that number has since been clarified. The shooter was a 51-year-old Milwaukee man who died from a self-inflicted fatal gunshot wound. More than 1,000 people were working at the campus when police received reports of a shooting at 2:08 p.m. local time, police Chief Alfonso Morales said. The complex includes a mix of corporate offices and brewing facilities. Minutes later, employees received texts and emails from the company warning them about the gunman.

“Active shooter, find a safe place, active shooter on campus. Reply with YES to confirm receipt,” the first text read. “Active shooter We are still on lockdown, please remain in a safe place, police are investigating. Reply with YES to confirm receipt,” another one said. Scores of police officers, SWAT teams and FBI agents rushed to the scene and could be seen walking around the Miller Valley neighborhood, which is named after the iconic 160-year-old brewery.

When the shooting happened, Molson Coors was hosting an annual conference in Texas. Company CEO Gavin Hattersley was at the event and suddenly announced he was leaving, according to a source familiar with the company. The corporate offices will be closed for the rest of the week and the breweries will remain closed until further notice.

Gun violence in America remains unchecked.

Outside of disease, firearms are the second-largest cause of death worldwide after road accidents.  There were a little over a quarter million deaths caused by guns globally in 2016, the last year for which figures from most countries are available. These latest gun violence statistics cover a wide range of aspects related to firearm-related deaths in the world in general and in the US in particular. In the US, despite a functioning criminal justice system and most socio-economic metrics being comparable with the best in the world, the rate of gun-related homicides and suicides is abnormally high.

Eight states in the United States passed red flag laws after the Parkland shooting.

Red flag laws are measures put in place to keep guns away from people who show signs of volatility only five states had those laws before the Parkland mass shooting. School shooting facts in the US typically had little effect on gun politics in the country, but the impact of the Parkland incident has been different. Out of the many bills introduced after that tragedy, eight more states adopted red flag laws. The states where they are in place now are Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

 Striking facts.

Impact of gun violence.

Gun violence has negatively impacted every civilian sector of our lives in the United States, leaving people uncertain of their safety as they go to work, school, church and other public events or places.  The United States needs to enact harsher laws against gun violence and address mental and behavioral health as part of the problem, along with the ease in accessing all firearms, specifically automatic military grade fire power.

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