One of the reasons why we have police officers and why we call upon them in the event of an emergency is because they are legally permitted to apply force if need be to deescalate a situation. Police officers are expected to be trained and understand when a situation calls for force to be applied but it seems some reach for that alternative before implementing another form of action. Unfortunately, many police officers today confuse their on-duty rights with what they can actually do when off duty and that has contributed to the deaths of several different individuals including Terence Crutcher, Eric Harris, Michael Brown, and the list goes on.
The Los Angeles Times has shed light on yet another individual who was hired with the Tulsa Police Department who has been relieved of having to serve the consequences for the illegal actions he engaged in. Here’s why Shannon Kepler isn’t facing the jail sentence he rightfully is due for the wrongful death of Jeremy Lake.
During three separate hearings, the jury couldn’t decide on how to charge Kepler which has resulted in three mistrials.

A Hung Jury Declares Kepler’s Case a Mistrial for the Third Time

Back in 2014, Kepler’s daughter began dating Jeremy Lake who was 19-years old at the time and happened to be black. Kepler’s daughter was 18 and white. According to the news source, Kepler, who at the time was working for the police force in Tulsa, was simply trying to protect his daughter who allegedly had run away from home and was “living in a crime-ridden neighborhood.”
Kepler apparently had forbidden his daughter to bring men into his home which resulted in her spending time in and out of homeless shelters. Apparently, there came a point in time where Kepler and Lake met, however, according to Kepler, he felt it was necessary to reach for his gun because he was under the impression that Lake was armed. Lake’s aunt, however, presented a different side of the story and stated that her nephew was simply reaching out to shake Kepler’s hand to introduce himself. Whether that was the case or not, Kepler fired at Lake, leaving him dead.
Something else to add to the evidence is that when police arrived on scene, they did not find a weapon on Lake. Interesting. So, there was no gun yet this officer at the time felt his life was being threatened so he had no choice but to take someone else’s? Sounds rather similar to many of the other police brutality cases that flood newspaper headlines every day.

Why You Need a Reliable Wrongful Death Attorney to Combat Against the Justice System

Many of the police brutality cases that have transpired have led to the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement.
When you consider this incident and many of the other police brutality incidents that have transpired, it is only normal to wonder why so many officers are let off the hook. If there was no gun, which would serve as reliable evidence in this case, why would it be so difficult for a jury to sentence this man for taking the life of a teen who happened to be dating his daughter? In the first trial, jurors convicted Kepler of recklessly using his firearm which implies he was guilty of using his weapon negligently. So why couldn’t the jury agree on murder or manslaughter?
Granted, it is only normal for a father to be defensive when it comes to his daughter dating, but shooting her boyfriend and being permitted to walk free? It sounds a bit farfetched which is why anyone involved in a similar situation should consider hiring a wrongful death or police brutality lawyer through immediately. The justice system has its flaws and it is the duty of our wrongful death lawyers to get families the justice they deserve.

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