Overtime pay is available to certain employees who work over 40 hours a week. If a worker finds themselves working more than this number of hours, they are entitled to be compensated for each hour over the 40. The pay for over-time is one and one-half times their regular pay. While state and federal laws do highlight exceptions to this, many employees are entitled to receive this pay. There are laws, however, that do not require employers to pay managers and others who hold higher positions to be compensated at an over-time pay rate even if they work more than the 40 hours.
If you believe your employer is keeping money from you that you are supposed to be paid, it is time for you to hire an employment law attorney in Akron, Ohio.
If you are an employee who worked over 40 hours a week yet your employer has failed to provide you with the over-time pay expected, you may have a viable claim on your hands. While an employer is allowed to ask you to work over your set hours or even offer you the option to work additional hours, they must compensate you if the law permits. There are many employees who aren’t receiving the appropriate pay for the over-time they work yet many fail to come forward with their issue.
If you are dealing with similar circumstances but need the legal information that can help determine whether or not your employer has failed to meet state law requirements, contact The Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III where you will receive the help you need from a dedicated Akron, OH employment and labor law attorney.

Do You Believe Your Employer Isn’t Compensating You for the Time You Worked?

Before you can make allegations against your employer or file a complaint with the Wage & Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, you need to make sure you truly have a reason to do so. There are many laws that pertain to the employment field and you need to be aware of those that might affect your chance of collecting wages you believe you are entitled to.
Therefore, if you have any doubt in your mind that your employer under-compensated for the time you worked beyond the 40 hours, let one of the skilled and experienced Akron, OH employment law attorneys at The Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III review the details of your matter. If it is determined that you have reason to file a complaint, these attorneys can help get this accomplished.
When it comes to salary and wages, you need to be sure you are receiving what you and your employer agreed upon. And don’t forget about minimum wage as this is something your employer should be complying with as well. Currently, the minimum wage in the state of Ohio is set at $8.15 so you shouldn’t be making anything less than that. And if you are an eligible employee who is entitled to overtime pay, you need to be sure your employer is providing this to you as well.
For all your employment concerns, contact employment and labor law attorney F. Benjamin Riek III who provides services to those in Akron, OH. You can get all your questions answered simply by calling 330-864-8604.

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