Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (i.e. OSH Act), employers in the state of Arizona are required to provide employees with a safe and hazard-free environment to work in. Additionally, the workspace must also comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) safety and health standards. Employers who fail to comply with the standards, rules, and regulations listed in the OSH Act could be cited and held liable if any employee suffers an injury or illness on-the-job.

Some of the more specific responsibilities of an employer under the OSH Act include:


  • Examine the work environment to ensure it “conforms to OSHA standards.”
  • Ensure employees are provided with the proper safety tools and are aware of how to use them. In addition, employers must be certain their employees know how to maintain this equipment.
  • Use the proper signage to warn employees of the potential hazards that might be present in the work area. There are times when employees may be required to work around hazardous chemicals, however, they should be warned so they can take the necessary precautionary measures to protect themselves.
  • Employers are required to provide employees with safety training using language they are able to understand.
  • Employers must develop and implement a written hazard communication program when employees will be working around hazardous chemicals in the workplace.


OSHA also recommends that employers adopt a safety and health program to keep their workers safe.


Can an employee report an employer for failing to provide a safe workplace for their employees to work in?


Employees in Arizona hold the right to report an employer for failing to comply with any of the standards or regulations outlined in the OSH Act. Employers are prohibited from retaliating against any employee who files a complaint regarding the unsafe environment or conditions their employer has allowed them to work in. In the event an employer does retaliate against an employee for filing a complaint by firing them, demoting them, reducing their hours or pay, etc., the employee should contact an Arizona employment law attorney as their rights under OSHA’s whistleblower laws may have been violated.


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