Are employers in Frisco allowed to ask their workers for additional help before or after their shift?

Frisco, TX – It may not seem like much of a problem for an employer to occasionally ask for additional help. But there are still wage regulations that apply at these times. As a general rule of labor law, employees must be paid for all work done at their employer’s direction. The work needs to be paid at their standard rate, and overtime rules also apply when the worker is eligible. If there are any disputes, the worker can receive advice from a local lawyer who focuses on unpaid wages in Frisco. 

Common problems when asking for help

Many employers incorrectly assume that they can ask for additional unpaid work, especially if they are only asking for help for a short duration of time. However, if this work is not compensated at all, it is considered wage theft. The worker always retains the right to be compensated for the entirety of the work they have performed. Employers who regularly engage in these kinds of practices may face consequences from a labor board or similar government agency, even if they were not aware of the applicable laws. 

How to ask for additional work

If the employer legitimately needs more help before or after a worker’s shift, they must have the worker clock in, or otherwise record their hours for payment for any work they have done. This means that the worker will actually be compensated properly, and there are no missing wages or hours. When the worker has already worked a standard forty hour week, they will also need to be paid at an overtime rate of one and one half times their regular pay unless certain exceptions apply. The law requires the employer to keep complete and accurate records of all wages and hours for each employee. 

Unpaid wage lawsuits

If the worker feels that they need to take formal legal action, they should document all of their outstanding wages, and then check them against their employer’s records for discrepancies. They can meet with a lawyer to start the formal process to bring an unpaid wage claim, or they can contact the Texas Workforce Commission for assistance. These unpaid wage issues need to be formally reported within approximately six months of when the pay was due, otherwise the ability to take legal action will be lost. This makes it a priority for the worker to get assistance shortly after they notice unpaid wages. 

Additional advice from employment lawyers

Moore and Associates is a firm that works with local clients in Frisco and other cities in Texas. Anyone who is having issues with labor law matters such as sexual harassment, unpaid wages, or discrimination can contact their attorneys to schedule a meeting. 

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