Are employers in Spokane required to provide sexual harassment training?

Spokane, WA – Most workplaces view sexual harassment as a serious problem and do what is necessary to prevent this kind of behavior. One of the best proactive measures any employer can take is to train employees regarding how sexual harassment happens in Washington and how to prevent it. There are lawyers who focus on sexual harassment issues that can provide advice to employers about keeping their workers safe, as well as victims who are considering a lawsuit. 

Regulations for employers 

Washington state passed requirements for certain employers related to sexual harassment in 2020. The law applies to some industries such as retail, security services, and hotels and motels. Other industries are unaffected by these changes.  

The requirements for employers in the state fall into two separate categories. The first is for the employer to have a formal sexual harassment policy that is active and applies to all workers. The written policy is important so that employees know what sexual harassment is, how to spot and prevent it, and various ways to report illegal conduct to their employer or human resources department. The policy may also contain guidelines about how employees can be disciplined for violations. 

The second part is related to training for all individuals in management and employee roles within the company. Part of the training must include contact information for various services that provide help to victims of sexual assault and harassment, such as the EEOC and Washington State Human Rights Commission. 

Reasons for sexual harassment training

One of the main incentives for an employer to provide training related to sexual harassment is to avoid liability. In a workplace is sued due to sexual harassment, it is the employer that will likely have to pay out damages rather than the worker or customers responsible. Negative publicity and media coverage related to sexual harassment can also become a serious problem for any workplace. As a practical matter, most employers will give information about sexual harassment policies and legal requirements to human resources and other management personnel first, so that this information can be disseminated through the company. 

Elements of a sexual harassment lawsuit

Employers should be aware that there are two main types of sexual harassment lawsuits. These are quid pro quo harassment and a hostile work environment. Quid pro quo is committed by superiors who ask for sexual acts from their subordinate employees, while hostile work environment is related to constant abuse based on a person’s gender or sex. 

Help from sexual harassment lawyers in Washington 

USAttorneys.com is a site that can help people find sexual harassment lawyers in Spokane and other cities. Anyone who needs assistance can browse the directory to find a local attorney and schedule a meeting. 

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