As immigration laws tighten, immigration lawyers are finding that bond prices are increasing which means more immigrants are spending time away from their families locked away in detention centers until they can come up with the money to pay.
When a foreign individual enters the U.S., whether it is because they are seeking asylum or for another reason, they are generally taken into custody and detained until their case can go before an immigration judge. That means if they show up with children, they are separated from their kids who are taken and held in a separate federal agency. While some judges will award an immigrant with bond, sadly, the amounts have become rather steep making is much more difficult for these individuals to afford. Most of the people who come to the U.S. aren’t exactly wealthy and having to come up with thousands of dollars is nearly impossible for many of them.

How do immigration bonds differ from criminal bail bonds?

In criminal cases, a defendant is sometimes awarded bail, which means they can be released given they pay a percentage of the amount stipulated in the bail agreement. However, in immigration cases, those being detained are sometimes awarded bond in which they must pay in full before they can be released. Now, while a judge can ask that a foreigner pay the minimum amount which is only $1,500, many are choosing to set the bond price higher. Some individuals have been asked to pay $5,000 while others even dished out $20,000. But, it wasn’t overnight and many of these people who have been detained have had to wait weeks and even months before someone could help them gather up the amount of money required for them to be released.
In fact, recently reported that “immigration court judges — as well as officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who also have authority to grant bonds — are increasingly denying bond requests altogether, or setting them at amounts in excess of $10,000, making them unaffordable for many immigrant families entering the country.” You see, when an immigrant posts bond, they can be released into the country while their case is waiting to be taken before a judge. This means they can be reunited with their family during this time and not forced to be locked away from the world simply because they are seeking a better way of life. As you know, this has become a widespread issue throughout the U.S. and many are outraged that small children, some as young as two, have been taken away from their parents who have been detained by ICE or CBP agents.
Although President Trump did sign an executive order that would stop immigrant families from being separated, what happens to those who are detained and forced to live in a detention facility who simply cannot come up with the money to cover the cost of their bond? Despite President Trump’s efforts to keep families together, the truth is, children are still being held in facilities away from their families for lengthy periods of time as judges continue to increase the price of their bond.
PBS shared one story involving a woman who was recently detained and awarded a bond of $12,500 in March. The woman had fled El Salvador to escape gang violence with her two sons who are ages four and 10 only to be detained and separated from them. Her two kids were taken to the Office of Refugee Resettlement and she remains in custody while advocacy groups are working to raise the $12,500 for her bond.
If a loved one of yours was detained by ICE agents in Charleston and you want to help get them released, you will need a SC immigration lawyer to assist you.
While it was clear that immigrants are now facing some serious challenges with President Trump in office, many of the hurdles they are faced with go unreported such as high bond prices. With immigrants being given these high bond amounts, there are still going to be many families left separated and alone as many are unable to afford these costly prices. And if you are currently residing in Charleston, SC and had a loved one of yours detained, now is the time to contact a SC immigration lawyer.
According to a study conducted by the Vera Institute of Justice “in New York State, an immigrant’s odds of remaining legally in the country increased from 4 percent to 48 percent when they had an attorney.” That means that if you want to stand a chance at getting your loved one released and even help increase the chances of you being allowed to remain in the U.S., it is vital that you hire a Charleston, SC immigration attorney to help you.
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