Are prequalified leads better than traditional marketing for law firms?

King of Prussia, PA – Marketing is a crucial part of helping any business grow, including those in the legal profession. Many law firms have invested in traditional forms of marketing such as print advertising, broadcast ads, paying for placements in lawyer listings, and trying to get the firm’s name in places where people may be looking for legal services. While these forms of marketing can still be effective to varying degrees, the landscape of the legal profession has changed and become more competitive, especially as most people now use smartphones or the internet to find a lawyer. Things like a presence in search engines and social media platforms can be equally or even more important than these traditional types of advertising. Another issue that should be considered is the possibility of bringing qualified leads directly in contact with the firm, where the new client can be retained immediately. Some companies, such as TradeMarc Global, have started to focus on this task of helping firms get in touch with leads who are already looking for these services with great results. 

What are prequalified leads for law firms?

Certain marketing companies have the ability to use their resources to get directly in contact with people who are in need of services that a certain business provides. In the case of law firms, these companies can get in touch with people who have been in car accidents, those going through divorces, people with landlord and tenant issues, or those who are interested in products liability cases and then direct them to a firm that focuses on these practice areas. These areas are especially competitive, and firms with these kinds of practices may find that it is difficult to stand out in most major cities around the country. 

At TradeMarc Global, we provide pay per lead and pay per call lead generation services. 

The benefits of getting others to bring in leads for the firm

Because the process of generating and getting connected with qualified leads is essentially sourced out to another business, the firm can invest more of its time and resources directly into handling their cases. Some firms will also find that paying for these leads offers a better conversion rate and return on investment than other forms of marketing already described. 

Starting the process to get leads for more business

Lawyers and law firms who want to get started with the process of helping their business grow through qualified leads can contact TradeMarc Global LLC. Their representatives can explain the process to help firms bring in new business more thoroughly. 

Attorneys can sign up here to receive prequalified leads – https://tmglobal.leadspedia.net/advertiser/signup/index.html

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