The case involving Roger Stone has gained a significant amount of media attention not only because of the crimes he was convicted of but because of President Trump’s “involvement” in it. Just last week, Trump sent out a tweet acknowledging how disgraced he was by the entire case and shortly after, the Justice Department intervened. According to NPR, the Justice Department requested that Judge Amy Berman Jackson consider a reduced sentence, one that is shorter than the initial seven to nine years that was recommended.

Hours after the Justice Department announced it planned to seek a shorter sentence, four prosecutors, Aaron Zelinsky, Jonathan Kravis, Adam Jed, and Michael Marando, assigned to the case withdrew from it. While many have accused the President of influencing the Justice Department to make such a request, he has denied the allegations and continued to share his perspective on it via social media.

Fast-forward a week later.

Despite the backlash the President and the Justice Department has received over the Roger Stone case, Trump has continued to show his support for his longtime ally. Just hours before Roger Stone was scheduled to appear in court for his sentencing, President Trump tweeted a clip from Wednesday night’s broadcast of Fox News of host Tucker Carlson “calling on him to pardon” Stone. Carlson said that “Trump could end this travesty in an instant with a pardon and there are indications tonight that he will do that.” Carlson went on to say that “Democrats will become unhinged if Trump pardons Stone, but they’re unhinged anyway.”

When an individual with executive power such as a governor or president issues a pardon, it means they shall use their “power to forgive a person charged with a crime or convicted of a crime, thus preventing any prosecution and removing any remaining penalties or punishments.” If Trump were to pardon Stone, he would walk free. Although President Trump is under the impression that the entire Roger Stone case is a scam that should have never happened, Stone was convicted last November for “lying to Congress about the Russia collusion investigation and witness intimidation,” reports the New York Post.

Has Trump issued any pardons in the past?


According to the New York Post, Trump has “granted pardons and commuted the sentences of 11 people, including former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, financier Michael Milken, and former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.” Therefore, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that the President might intervene and issue a pardon in the case of Roger Stone. While a pardon could bring about a significant amount of outrage among lawmakers and society, supporters of Stone merely see it as an opportunity to right a wrong.

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