Nashville, TN – Drivers who work for ride sharing companies may spend several hours a day on the roads and log hundreds of miles. However, there are significant risks associated with this much time on busy roads in a short period of time. The likelihood that any driver will be involved in a collision in a given day increases greatly as time and distance increase. If the driver is inexperienced, or has a history of accidents and traffic violations, it is even more likely that there will be an accident. Unfortunately, this is true for many ride sharing drivers and accidents happen regularly. 

Qualifications to begin driving for a ride sharing business

One of the reasons why ride sharing accidents happen regularly is that there are only minimal requirements for drivers. There is not any kind of road test or skills test so the company can see if the person is actually a safe and skilled driver. Requirements include a minimum age, which can vary by city or state, a few years of driving experience, a valid driver’s license, and a certain type of car. The driver must also provide pictures for identification, along documents that provide their residency. That is essentially all that is required. This system of vetting drivers does not tell the company anything about the driver’s history or habits on the roads. There have also been incidents in the past where drivers with criminal records or other serious issues have harmed drivers. 

Lawsuits against ride sharing drivers and their employer

When a driver is involved in an accident, the passenger should contact the police and the company immediately. These businesses have substantial insurance policies that will generally cover all losses as long as the driver was actively taking the customer on a ride. However, there are also situations where the ride sharing business is sued. These companies are liable for the actions of their drivers, and they may be found to be negligent for a number of different reasons as the lawsuit progresses and more information is discovered. 

If the company is liable, the victim can receive money that assists with paying for medical treatment, lost income and wages, and any kind of trauma or pain caused by the collision. This compensation may be provided through a settlement agreement, insurance claim, or after a jury trial depending on how the case progresses. 

Personal injury attorneys in Tennessee

George Fusner is available to bring lawsuits against ride sharing companies or anyone else responsible for an accident in Tennessee. He can answer any questions and provide professional guidance throughout the process of a civil negligence case.

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The Law Office of George R. Fusner

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