Fort Myers, FL – A DUI charge carries serious penalties such as a driver’s license suspension, fines, probation, and the possibility of jail time. The state tries to prosecute any driver who had a blood alcohol concentration of greater than .08 when they were tested. However, if the blood alcohol reading was at least .15 after the suspect was placed under arrest, these penalties become even more serious.

Department of motor vehicles list of penalties

The state of Florida’s DUI statute also includes enhanced penalties for drivers that meet certain conditions during their DUI arrest. One of these is an increase in fines for drivers who are approximately double the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration while driving. The range of fines increases for a first offense to between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars. The fines go even higher if the defendant has at least one prior DUI conviction. The term of imprisonment increases by three months for a first or second offense where there was a high blood alcohol reading, or if a minor was present in the vehicle with the intoxicated driver. 

Aside from enhanced penalties for a high blood alcohol reading, the defendant can also be charged with more serious crimes if the accident involved bodily injuries or fatal injuries. Many of these cases are charged as third or second degree felonies, which means that they can potentially carry several years of prison time. 

All DUI charges carry a mandatory driver’s license suspension of at least 180 days. 

DUI defense

While it can be difficult to fight against a DUI case brought by the state, there are some attorneys who focus on this area of the law and they have successfully gotten some of their clients’ charges reduced or dropped. The state needs to prove every element of the DUI charge beyond all reasonable doubt. This may not always be easy for the government if the police officers made mistakes, there is poor quality evidence, or the defense attorney can exclude illegally collected evidence. Scientific evidence such as chemical tests also needs to be collected and secured properly, and it is common for police to make mistakes with sensitive evidence. 

The prosecutor handling the case may be willing to negotiate with the defense lawyer for a better plea deal if there is a chance the government may not be able to secure a conviction at trial.  

Local DUI defense attorneys in Florida

Michael M. Raheb assists local drivers with fighting against the state’s DUI charges. When someone has been charged with driving under the influence in the Fort Myers area, they can receive superior representation by contacting his firm. 

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