Are there any reasons a business contract will not be enforced in Nashville?

Nashville, TN – Contracts are fundamental to business relationships in many ways. A company will need to form contracts with various parties to function properly and grow. However, there are some limited situations where a contract will not be enforced by courts if a dispute arises. With any contract dispute, it is important for a business to get legal advice and determine how to proceed to protect their interests and minimize losses. There are business lawyers in Nashville who can provide these kinds of services related to contract law and other matters. 

Problems with disclosure or misrepresentation

A contract cannot contain information that is false or meant to mislead the other party. In some cases, a party can even be criminally charged for fraud for lying about the terms of a deal to make profits with no intention of going through with the document’s terms. If a court finds that a contract could not be completed because one party was dishonest about things like their intentions or their ability to follow the terms, they will not enforce the agreement.  

Serious mistakes

It is possible that both parties made some kind of mistake in their drafting of the document and its terms that renders it unenforceable. This generally needs to be a mistake that is material to the agreement actually being able to be completed, plus both parties need to have mutually overlooked these mistakes. If the mistake was only made by one party, it may be considered negligence or misrepresentation rather than a mistake that can make a contract voidable. 

Contracts to do something illegal 

Every jurisdiction has laws against contracts to perform illegal acts. For example, a court will not enforce agreements that contain provisions related things like transactions for illegal drugs or murder for hire plots. Businesses should check their local laws and regulations to ensure that they are not breaking any other laws that may not be so obvious. 

When it is not possible to complete the terms

Sometimes there are unforeseen events, natural disasters, or other problems that make a contract unable to be completed. A court may choose to simply rescind the contract if it seems that neither party can realistically follow the terms of the agreement as written. 

Business lawyers can help in Nashville

The Law Office of George R. Fusner is a business law practice in Nashville. The firm can provide guidance during various business law cases and disputes. 

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