Summer hasn’t quite arrived yet, although the weather is implying something different. The temperatures have increased dramatically making the days hotter and the skies sunnier. But with summer only off by a few weeks, it is important that you begin preparing and taking every safety precaution possible when driving on the roadways. Many families often plan their vacations for the summertime when their children are out from school which means more motorists are out driving. And don’t forget about the thousands of truck drivers who are sharing the roadway with you as they still have deliveries to make.
Summertime has drivers less attentive and alert which means you need to ensure you are doing everything to maintain a level of safety while out driving.
So, what do you get with more congested roads, hot summer days, and semi-truck drivers out and about? An increased chance of a truck accident occurring. According to a study conducted by Michelin, “Eight in 10 drivers said they were less likely to drive cautiously in the summertime” and “drivers are three times less likely to be vigilant while driving during summer months than during winter.”
But, as you know, most truck accidents arise from both drivers and truckers who aren’t as alert and focused as they should be and this study proves there is a spike in this behavior during the summer months. So, how can you avoid engaging in an accident? Some tips are provided below from PR Newswire.
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Tips for Driving Safe in the Summer Months


  • Check your tires- With the hot summer months soon approaching, you want to be sure your tires are fully inflated as underinflated tires “offer less traction, can reduce fuel efficiency, wear out prematurely and, most importantly, suffer unnoticed and irreparable damage that compromise their performance and safety.”


  • Practice safe following distance- Always allow enough space in between you and other vehicles, especially large trucks such as semis and tractor trailers. They need a significant amount of room to turn and they also take longer to stop so you want to be sure you leave enough space in the event you have to stop abruptly.


  • Focus on the road ahead- Try and avoid using your cell phone, eating, or engaging in other distracting things while driving. All it takes is one mistake and you could find yourself colliding into the back of the semi traveling in front of you.


  • Take breaks during long trips- Because summertime is when most individuals are out traveling, be sure you take frequent breaks to ensure you avoid driving while fatigued.

While you can do everything in your power to avoid a truck accident, sometimes you simply cannot. And because truck crashes are known to bring upon serious and even life-threatening injuries, is it important you have a dedicated team of truck accident lawyers in Jackson County, KS working behind you. If you have been faced with these unfortunate circumstances and need legal aid to assist you, contact the Cloon Law Firm by calling 913-661-9600 today.

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