Things aren’t looking too good for the ride-sharing company as many allegations are being thrown their way.
Uber has taken the throne as the most widely used ride-sharing company in the last few years, providing ways for individuals to get around and even jobs to those who might need to supplement their income. But, Uber is taking a fall as more than 20 employees have been fired after an internal investigation was conducted, some holding a senior status.
As the ride sharing giant continues to grow, it has been receiving a lot of backlash as of recently with claims made against some of the company’s irresponsible drivers and now allegations that sexual harassment is occurring in the workplace.
Aside from the sexual harassment claims, Uber is also being scrutinized for retaliation and discrimination. The company’s very own engineer, Susan Fowler, voiced her concerns in an ” explosive blog post” claiming that Uber has failed to act on gender discrimination complaints and even sexual harassment claims. The company immediately turned to an attorney who dug deeper into the matter and examined 215 claims, however, 100 of those resulted in no action being taken.

20 Uber Employees Lose Their Jobs

Uber has been placed in the spotlight as employees claim the company is neglecting to address sexual harassment claims.
After the investigation occurred, 20 Uber employees were dismissed from their duties for varying reasons including sexual harassment, retaliation, gender discrimination, along with other reasons as well. Now, “a separate investigation is being led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder” according to CNBC. And while this might become a larger issue for the company than they expect as it has nearly 14,000 people working for them, there are other issues with the ride-sharing company.
The company has not only been criticized for its run-ins with drivers, but also its political ties, conflict with regulators, and now unaddressed harassment and discrimination claims.
It is encouraged by sexual harassment lawyers for anyone who may have experienced sexual harassment or even discrimination against them to come forward with their claims as there are many laws that serve to protect employees working here in the U.S. Perhaps once Fowler learned she wasn’t the only one who might have experienced the misconduct, she felt confident to come forward and shed light on the issue occurring inside the company.

What can I do if my employer sexually harasses me at work?

Tesla is yet another company that allegedly is ignoring sexual harassment and discrimination claims.
As you can see from this particular case, there are ways you can hold an employer accountable for their wrongful or illegal actions. Sexual harassment is still a recurring issue in the workplace and the only way to recognize it is with the help of a reliable sexual harassment lawyer. Just recently, Tesla’s former engineer, AJ Vandermeyden, has come forward claiming similar issues were occurring within her work environment as well. According to Vandermeyden, employers at Tesla ignored claims filed regarding sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and even wage disparities.
But, while that may have lasted for an extended period of time, both companies now have to either prove sexual harassment and discrimination isn’t occurring or work to make their workplace a better one to be in. Social media has a lot to do with the spread of such allegations which is why the employees from Uber and Tesla announced the issue online.
A takeaway from both scenarios is that even large companies who might seem as though they are unbreakable still can be brought down from their high throne. And if you ever find that you are being mistreated in your work environment, contact and we will pair you up with a sexual harassment lawyer in your city who will protect your rights.

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