Although this is not a simple question to answer as it requires much more thought than providing a mere yes or no response, divorce lawyers have witnessed some common signs among clients that indicate a relationship might be “toxic.” One divorce lawyer shared her thoughts with Bustle and we are sharing with you what some of these signs are.

What are some signs of a toxic partner?


  1. They cause you to feel self-doubt. When you partner throws a joke around involving you every now and then, perhaps you don’t need to worry too much about it. But, when they insult you and then disguise the insult as a form of constructive criticism, that may be the first indicator of a toxic partner. However, if the comments “graduate” to making you the subject of the joke and then continue on and make you feel bad about yourself, perhaps you need to assess why.


  1. They’re controlling. Jacqueline Newman, who is an author and NY divorce lawyer, stated, “If there is always an unequal balance of power in your relationship, you may want to examine whether you are in a healthy partnership.” Sometimes, one partner may exert control by being emotionally, physically, or financially abusive to the other in order to gain more control over them.


  1. They are overly critical. There is no doubt that constructive criticism can be beneficial, but when your partner does is constantly and is always saying negative things rather than trying to help you improve yourself with the comments, they are no longer going to have a positive effect.


  1. They attempt to alienate you from your friends and family. While it is normal for your spouse to not always want to visit with the in-laws or have brunch with your high school friends, when they begin to discourage you from doing so, it may be a sign that they are trying to alienate you away from them.


  1. They don’t pitch it. Everyone knows that being in a committed marriage means you have to be just that, committed. That means helping with the kids, providing financially, and helping out in the home. Newman says that if you find yourself doing everything in the relationship and getting nothing in return, you may be living in an “unhealthy and toxic relationship.” Newman also pointed out that while “not every relationship needs a 50/50 division of labor, some division is essential.”


  1. Your disagreements are pretty bad. Every couple is going to argue and have disagreements, but if you are finding that your fights are incredibly bad and continue to get worse, it may be a red flag that your relationship is a toxic one.

If you believe your relationship is toxic and want to learn more about filing for divorce in Mobile, AL, let us connect you with a divorce lawyer today and they will be more than happy to explain the process to you.
Now, if you are finding that you identify with any of these signs and feel your relationship might be a toxic one, divorce doesn’t necessarily have to be your first option to solve the issue. However, it is one of your options. There are therapy groups and private sessions offered to couples given to those who wish to work through their issues. But, if you feel it is time to bring your marriage to end as you are convinced that it is toxic, perhaps it is best you speak with a Mobile, AL divorce attorney first. Whether you are looking to file for divorce in Alabama now or want a legal separation from your spouse, the Mobile, AL divorce lawyers can connect you with can explain the process and even help you file the necessary documents to get it started.

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