Authorities in Ohio are urging motorcyclists to obtain the proper training prior to riding as they are seeing more and more fatal accidents occurring.
Just a few days ago, Ohio authorities responded to three motorcycle accidents that were all separate from one another yet occurred within a nine-hour timespan. All three cyclists involved in the crashes died as a result. And with so many individuals sustaining injuries and others dying in these types of accidents, officials are “emphasizing the importance of motorcycle safety” as many will begin to ride more now that we are in summer. Mike Stock, who is the safety and educational director for American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) of Ohio Foundation, says that while the warm weather and sunny skies attract more bikers, they need to be focusing on staying safe. ABATE is a not-for-profit organization that is “dedicated to preserving the rights, improving the image, and promoting safe operating practices of Ohio motorcyclists.”
Stock told The Columbus Dispatch that the most important step every biker needs to take to help promote a safe ride is obtaining the proper training. The fact is, a motorcyclist can simply receive a temporary permit which allows them to ride with the exception that they can’t ride at night, without a helmet, or on highways, and maintain this temporary license for a year. This means they aren’t required to go through the proper training courses or take the required test to receive their permanent license to ride. What’s more alarming is that after the year is up, they can go and get their permit renewed which means they are never forced to take the necessary training courses, yet they are still permitted to ride.
Always wear a helmet when you go out riding on your motorcycle. They save lives and help reduce the chances of sustaining a serious injury in the event an accident occurs.
Apart from going through the proper training, motorcyclists are also encouraged to always wear a helmet, protective gear, and only ride when alert and sober. The source highlighted that “of the 157 motorcycle fatalities this past year, 71 percent of those killed were not wearing helmets.” Now, if you are a biker who feels they could use some additional training or have yet to complete the required courses to receive your permanent license to ride, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) offers courses at various locations all throughout the state of Ohio. To find a location nearest you, visit the MSF website and enter your zip code.
Drivers are also encouraged to help make the roadways safer from motorcyclists.
While bikers need to be aware of the precautions they should be taking so that their causal ride to the store doesn’t become an accident they will never forget, motorists also play a role in keeping motorcyclists safe. Some tips for drivers that can help them prevent from engaging in an accident with a biker includes:

  • Avoid tailgating. Just as you are expected to leave a few feet in between you and the car in front of you, do the same for a motorcyclist. The fact is, they don’t have the same protection as you do and if you were to hit them as a result of driving too closely, the chances of knocking them off their bike and into oncoming traffic increase tremendously.
  • Remove objects that might be hanging from your rear-view mirror that obstructs your vision. As it is, bikers are already sometimes hard to spot and you don’t need anything making it more difficult to see them.
  • Look twice before turning at intersections. We all have things to do and places to get but nothing is more important than driving carefully so that you reduce the chances of causing an accident.

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