Companies have an obligation to protect consumer information. When they fail to do so, a personal injury lawsuit may arise. In the recent case that has arisen against Bose, personal injury attorneys may have what they need to obtain a favorable outcome for their client who is filing the complaint against the major audio company.

Aside from the obsession that has grown with cellphones, there is also one surrounding headphones. There was a point in time when you could go to the store and pick up a pair of headphones, yes, the ones with the cords, and those would suffice for a person to listen to music streaming through their phone. Now, there are some that are cordless, wireless-you name it they are on the market. Popular brands like Beats by Dre and Bose have manufactured headphones for prices that will leave your wallet crying, but the popularity has grown in the market which is why new and innovative headphones continue to be developed.

If you are a headphone fan or feel you need one of these top selling brands to allow you to listen to the viral videos you more than likely watch on social media, you might want to refrain from purchasing Bose. If you thought the internet was invading your privacy, there are other ways your every move is being watched, and it might surprise you.
According to Fortune and a lawsuit that was recently filed against audio maker Bose, users who download the app, which is recommended so you get the most out of your experience, are unknowingly having their listening habits recorded and then sent off to third parties. Why is this a big deal? Well, everyone has their own listening preferences. Some like podcasts on racial discrimination, others like trending R&B music, and many use their headphones to listen to religious gospels. The fact is, it’s personal information, and it shouldn’t be shared, at least without the user’s permission.
What Law is Bose Breaking by Sharing this Information?
Based on the complaint, Bose is violating the WireTap Act and other state privacy laws. This is recognized as an invasion of consumer privacy and would constitute as a personal injury lawsuit. As Bose collects its user’s information, it allows for the opening of a “window into their life and views.”
The complaint that was filed by Kyle Zakin in the northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division. It states that the company is recording and monitoring individuals’ audio selections which “provides an incredible amount of insight into his or her personality, behavior, political views, and personal identity.” People like to keep their lives and personal preferences to themselves, and this act has violated that desire.
Some of the Bose headphones that have been listed in the complaint include:

  • QuietComfort 35
  • SoundSport35
  • SoundSport Wireless
  • Sound Sport Pulse Wireless
  • Quiet Control 30
  • SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II
  • SoundLink Color II

Some of these headphones retail for $350. That’s a hefty price considering they are gaining much more valuable information from the consumer than the consumer is actually aware of.
Bose is currently facing a $5 million lawsuit for unjust enrichment and “intrusion upon seclusion.” The lawsuit is also seeking injunction that would force the company to refrain from engaging in the data collection any longer.
Therefore, the next time you consider purchasing any device that has Bluetooth capabilities and requires you to use its app, think about your rights and whether they are being violated. And should you feel yours have already been, contact where you will be connected to the best personal injury attorneys in the field.

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