Phoenix, AZ – There are a number of common questions that people have when they first meet with their injury attorney after an accident. Many of these concerns are financial, and others are time sensitive when help is needed urgently. It is helpful for victims to get an overview of someone of these concepts while in the early stages of a lawsuit or before first speaking with a lawyer.

How long does the process to bring a lawsuit take? 

The process to bring a lawsuit and close the case through a settlement agreement or trial can be highly variable. The discovery process, where both sides share information, can take a long time depending on things like the amount of evidence involved and continued medical treatment for injuries. The short answer is that a case can take from a few months to several years to resolve depending on a number of different factors. 

Statute of limitations

Most states, including Arizona, have a time limit regarding when cases can be brought. The state’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims is only two years. This means that victims should try to make arrangements to speak with a lawyer as soon as realistically possible. If the time limit to bring the case has expired, the plaintiff will not be able to bring the case and get financial relief.   

What does insurance cover?

Much of a standard auto insurance policy is focused on covering vehicle damage and liability. Most policies that people pay into will cover several thousands of dollars for these kinds of losses, but no more. Other policies may not cover anything based on the particulars of an accident. If someone is involved in a serious accident that requires extensive medical treatment, most standard auto insurance policies will not pay out enough to cover all of these losses, which is why legal action is often necessary in addition to the insurance process. 

The value of the case

When someone has been hurt and their vehicle has been destroyed, questions about paying for all of these costs are common. As a general rule, minor accidents that may only cost a few thousand dollars or less can be covered by an insurance claim. However, when someone cannot work as normal and needs constant medical help, the defendant may be responsible for thousands or millions of dollars related to treatment and lost opportunity. Legal advice is necessary to arrive at specific numbers. 

Victims can schedule a consultation to learn more about civil lawsuits

When someone has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, they should speak with a local attorney about their legal options and find out if filing a civil case is necessary. Southwest Injury Law is an experienced firm that focuses on helping local clients in Phoenix. They offer a free initial consultation to anyone who is interested in taking legal action.

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Southwest Injury Law 

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