Arizona driver collided with people standing in front of a bar and caused severe damage in the area

When a driver is not careful, the impact from a vehicle can cause extreme damage to people or property nearby. Drivers who choose to operate a car after using alcohol or drugs will likely be sued by victims as well as charged criminally. 

Two people were injured when a car crashed into a bar in Arizona.

Suspected drunk driver injures two and destroys part of a local bar

The bar was called “DJ’s Bar and Grill” and it is located in Scottsdale. The local fire department said that two pedestrians were struck as a car approached the building around 7:30 pm on a Thursday night. The vehicle continued forward and destroyed part of the restaurant’s patio area. 

One of the victims was in critical condition and the other was listed in serious condition. The driver was identified as a local 52 year old male. Police say that he got out of the vehicle and attempted to flee that area on foot immediately after the crash. He was eventually caught and arrested by police. Law enforcement announced that he will be charged with DUI, leaving the scene of the accident, and failing to remain at an accident with injuries.

Scottsdale is northeast of the city of Yuma. 

Bringing a civil case against the drunk driver

Criminal charges are brought by the state and mostly out of the victim’s control. When someone needs compensation after an accident, a civil lawsuit will be necessary to recover various kinds of losses. 

A drunk driver can be sued like any other motorist who is responsible for a collision. The victim will have to bring a separate civil case that is not affected by the disposition of the criminal charges. The plaintiff’s attorney will still have to prove that the driver was negligent or acting recklessly when the accident happened. The evidence of driving under the influence can show reckless behavior, but the final decision is still made by a jury and they will consider all of the evidence presented regarding fault. In other words, the evidence related to drunk driving will help the plaintiff, but that does not automatically mean that they will win the case.  

Paying for injuries and property repairs

In situations like this, the driver at fault caused both property damage and serious injuries. Those who are affected can use various forms of documentation and records to prove the monetary amount that they lost. Their injury attorney will argue for this amount in a settlement agreement or through a jury verdict at the conclusion of the trial. 

Talk with a personal injury attorney about your accident and losses

There are lawyers who help accident victims in Yuma and nearby areas. To learn if a civil lawsuit is the right solution for you, contact:

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