Arizona residents who get in an accident while using a ride sharing service should know their rights

Phoenix, AZ – Motor vehicle accidents have become a serious source of stress and financial problems for people living in Arizona and other parts of the country. Ride sharing services have become a popular way for drivers to avoid accidents, but they have actually made the roads even more dangerous based on certain forms of data. Anyone who is riding in a vehicle operated by a ride sharing service during an accident should review their rights and learn about what procedures should be followed afterward. 

Immediately after the collision

The police should be contacted to begin the process to create an accident report, and an ambulance will arrive on the scene to tend to any injuries or emergencies. All of the major ride sharing services also have a contact phone number or other information in the app. They should provide information about contacting them to create some kind of incident report about the accident. They will likely need some basic details such as the area where the collision happened and the name of the driver. For some victims, they may have coverage under their personal auto insurance policy that will allow them to file a claim, even if they were only a passenger in a ride sharing vehicle. As a precaution, the auto insurance provider should be notified. 

Starting the legal process after the accident

It is important for anyone who has been hurt in a ridesharing accident to know that they do not have to negotiate or settle with the service provider. Retaining an attorney is an option that is likely to protect the victim’s rights and provide the best remedy. Sometimes, the ride sharing service may try to get the victim to settle the case for a small amount or sign a waiver to relieve them of any liability. It is important to only resolve the issue through legal counsel, as these large companies try to take advantage of many individuals by only paying small amounts relative to their total liability. 

The value of the accident

All of the major ride sharing services have large insurance policies in place to cover their fleets of vehicles. When the accident is serious, costs related to hospitalization, continued medical treatment, and lost wages can be exceptional. An attorney can provide more specific guidance related to the potential value of all of these losses. Ride sharing services will also settle cases for a reasonable amount to avoid negative publicity, but it is recommended to only agree to any settlement with the assistance of a lawyer. 

Getting assistance from a local injury lawyer

USAttorneys.com is a directory that simplifies that process of finding the right lawyer. Anyone who has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident can use the site to locate a lawyer in the Phoenix area. 

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