Auto Accidents: A Hidden Cause of Adolescent Death

NASHVILLE, Tennessee. According to CNN, the leading cause of death of people between the ages of 10 and 19 was road injury. In many cases, the adolescents affected were not driving. They were either passengers or were riding their bikes. In fact, the myth of the dangerous adolescent driver who causes the accident is just that—a myth. In most cases, adolescent car accident death and injury occurs when adolescents are passive victims in the crash. In higher income countries, adolescents were more likely to be behind the wheel.

Many of the injuries adolescents suffer on the road happens while they are on their bikes. When it comes to bike safety, a dual effort is required. Young bikers can be safer if they understand the rules of the road and follow then. In fact, under the law, when bikers are sharing the road, they are required to abide by the same laws that cars follow. However, if bike riders are under age 16, they may not know road rules. This can create a dangerous situation. One way younger bikers can stay safe is to either not ride on the road until they have their driver’s license, or learn traffic law before they hit the road. Either way, in many cases, it is up to parents to ensure that bike riders know what they are doing. Drivers don’t always know how to share the road, either. According to the Centers for Disease Control, even though riders only make up 1% of road users, they are disproportionately more likely to be injured or involved in an accident.

Part of the problem involves accountability. In many municipalities, infractions involving bikes may not result in points on a person’s driving record. In other instances, bias against bikers may prevail. Not all drivers are aware of bikers or are willing to share the road. When accidents happen, often the best way for families to raise awareness is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. The Law Office of George R. Fusner, Jr. in Nashville, Tennessee works closely with victims who have been hurt in a crash. Our firm understands how devastating a car accident can be. Families may face immense medical expenses, victims may experience serious and devastating injuries that can result in lifestyle changes, and lives can be shattered. Lawsuits can hold drivers accountable when they fail to take account of bikers.

Another risk to adolescents is drunk drivers. Teens who break their curfews or drive home late at night may be inadvertently putting themselves at risk of encountering drunk drivers on the road. Teens may not always have the experience behind the wheel to evade a crash if one is about to occur. Young lives can be cut short or shattered in an instant. The Law Office of George R. Fusner, Jr. works closely with families to help them seek justice if another person’s negligence has resulted in injuries or deaths to a loved one. Visit the auto accident lawyers at today to learn more, protect your rights, and seek justice.


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