Autumn Slip and Fall Safety Tips

ATLANTA, Georgia. Autumn brings lovely changes, but with the cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and changing weather patterns, individuals should be aware of slip and fall safety both at work and at home. According to the Centers for Disease Control, every year, millions of older Americans suffer slip and fall injuries. These injuries can result in broken bones, traumatic brain injury, or other serious injuries that can seriously impact individuals’ quality of life. In fact, according to the CDC, 2.8 million older people go to the ER every year for treatment for slip and fall injuries.

Autumn brings unique hazards. According to The Blade, over 300,000 people are injured every year by lawn and garden equipment. Lawn mowers, chain saws, rakes, and other garden implements can cause serious injury if individuals aren’t properly trained in use or if the equipment isn’t properly stored. Property owners have a responsibility to properly store garden and lawn equipment. The most common autumn injuries tend to be falls from ladders or personal injury due to slippery surfaces. In many cases, proper care of premises can protect individuals from injury. If you or a loved one has been injured due to another person’s neglect or negligence, visit to learn more about your legal rights when it comes to slip and fall personal injury.

What are some ways you can keep yourself and your family safe as you enjoy autumn weather? For one, if you plan to do lawn or yard work, dress for the job. Wear eye-safety gear and gloves. Ear protection can protect your hearing around loud equipment like lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

If you need to perform a task that involves working at a height or a ladder, work with a partner. Tasks should be performed in dry conditions to avoid slips and falls. For every 4 feet of ladder, the ladder should be 1 foot away from the house. This means that an 8 foot ladder should be 2 feet away from the house. Finally, it is also important to think about others in the vicinity of the work you’ll be doing. Don’t do work if there are other people walking below. Don’t leave ladders out where they can be climbed by unattended children. When you climb the ladder, have someone around to steady the ladder for you.

Finally, nursing homes and property owners need to think about how wet weather, leaf-fall, and ice will affect walking surfaces. Areas should be de-iced, dried, or at the least, warning signs should be put up to warn individuals about new hazards the season brings. Every year, many people are injured because of negligence on the part of property owners. With the changing seasons, take a look around your property to ensure everyone’s safety.

Finally, if you or a loved one has been hurt due to a slip and fall, a Rome or Atlanta personal injury lawyer may be able to assist you. The Finnell Firm in Atlanta offers qualified counsel to slip and fall victims in Georgia who may need legal advice. Contact us today to learn more.


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