Beacon Hill Uber Accident HighLights Issues With Ridesharing Companies

stop sign 300x199 Beacon Hill Uber Accident HighLights Issues With Ridesharing CompaniesAn accident last year involving an Uber vehlcle in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston has brought to light some concerns with peer-to-peer ridesharing services. According to NECN, an Uber driver slammed into the back of a building and injured the passenger inside, along with the driver, Jean Paul Caillot. Witnesses claim that the vehicle seemed to be speeding down the street before slamming into the brick wall at the back of a building. Luckily the structure of the wall wasn’t compromised too much. Both the driver and the passenger were able to crawl out, and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

While at the time police suggested that mechanical issues may have been to blame for the accident, it turns out that he was hit by another car that may have caused the loss of control as well. No matter what the actual cause of the accident was, the fact is that there are some serious concerns about the driver himself. It turns out, according to WCVB, that he has a long history of driving infractions on his record. Over the past 30 years, he has been caught speeding many times all throughout New England, and has had his license suspended and reinstated several times as well. He had apparently been driving with Uber for more than 2 years, according to his wife, but hadn’t had any driving infractions during that time.

Even though he didn’t have many infractions, the fact that his history didn’t prevent him from being hired as an Uber driver in the first place should raise some red flags. With traditional taxi services, drivers are extremely well-vetted to make sure that they have the safest fleet possible. With Uber, drivers register on-line, and their driving records are vetted by the company. Generally, they only go back 7 years, but as evidenced by the Beacon Hill accident, perhaps they should need to go back further to ensure that their rides remain safe.

When it comes to accidents involving Uber vehicles, this means that they could be leaving themselves open to claims of negligence for their hiring practises. Having drivers who have spotty histories could lead to accidents, and in turn could lead to injuries and damage. So far, it doesn’t seem to have been an issue so far for Uber, but this accident came very close to causing a problem. If there had been more damage, or if someone was more seriously injured, then you can bet that a claim with the court would have been filed against them.

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving an Uber, make sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Usually with taxi and other public ride services such as buses, there is a certain standard to be met for driver competence. With Uber being in a grey area, it can be complicated to unravel who might be at fault. A personal injury lawyer can help you file your claim and get the best result.

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