Brain Injuries in High School Football Players May Take Longer to Heal Than Those of Professional Players

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana. Brain injuries can range from mild to severe, but in all cases, they can affect a person’s life both immediately and in the future. Even small blows to the head can leave lasting effects on a person. Mild traumatic brain injury symptoms are not always immediately diagnosed after a person is hurt. In some cases, it can be days or even weeks before symptoms become apparent. Traumatic brain injury can occur in a car accident, during a fall, or in sports. According to the Brain Injury Research Institute, anywhere from 1.6 to 3.8 million people are injured in sports-related concussions each year. While much attention has been put on NFL brain injury and on brain injury in college sports, high school students are also at risk of suffering brain injury. In fact, high school students who suffer a concussion may take longer to heal than college students who suffer similar injuries. And, when high school students get hurt, their chances of getting hurt in a similar manner increase three-fold. Brain injuries can occur in all high school sports, but the most common sports resulting in injuries are football, soccer, and boxing.

With any concussion, quick diagnosis and care is essential. Even if you think you may not be hurt, it may be wise to see a doctor. Traumatic brain injuries can affect memory, speech, walking, perception, sleep, mood, and personality. Even mild traumatic brain injury can lead to memory difficulties, depression, sleep problems, and mood changes. If you or a loved one was recently hurt in a car accident, fall, or sporting injury, it is important to understand your rights and seek justice. The law offers important protections to brain injury victims and their families. You may be entitled to receive money to cover medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitative care, and pain and suffering, in some instances. To learn more, contact the brain injury attorneys at The Bowling Law Firm.

ESPN reports that the NFL and other youth football organizations are implementing programs to prevent concisions and brain injuries among young players. For instance, the program encourages properly fitting helmets. Yet, the program is teaching a new controversial tackling method that claims to keep players’ heads protected. The method instructs players to lead their tackle with their shoulders. Yet, many criticize the program because they believe that it instills a false sense of safety in parents. The reality is that children can still get injured when playing tackle football—sometimes seriously so. And promoters of the new method themselves admit that the new method doesn’t eliminate the use of the head in the tackle.

High school and youth sports can be very dangerous, especially when players sustain head injuries. These injuries can affect a person’s cognitive function for the rest of their lives. If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury or concussion, a brain injury lawyer may be able to assist you in getting money from responsible parties to pay for medical care and other expenses. Visit our website at today to learn more.


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