Can A DUI Lead to Deportation?

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama. As President Trump implements more aggressive immigration policies, many immigrants have been concerned about whether they may face the action of an “immigration force.” Of particular concern are immigrants with criminal convictions, who may be increasing targets of “deportation forces.” According to the Washington Post, the immigrant community in major cities has been fearful as reports come in about raids, detention, and deportation.

There are several crimes that can make immigrants subject to deportation. Even individuals who have a green card can face deportation if they are found guilty of a crime. One of the crimes that can lead to deportation is a DUI conviction. A DUI conviction in Birmingham, Alabama is a serious matter. Individuals with a DUI record may be deemed inadmissible if they try to enter the country and removal proceedings may be initiated.

Because the consequences of a DUI are so serious, it is important to seek a proper DUI defense if you are facing charges. Shockley & Ransom: Attorneys at Law are qualified DUI defense attorneys who can assist you. Our firm can look at the evidence gathered against you, the officer’s reasons for pulling you over, and the procedures officers followed at the scene of the crime. If officers failed to follow proper procedure, if officers failed to have probable cause to stop you, or if evidence was compromised, your DUI defense lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama may be able to help you get your charges dropped or reduced.

For the immigrant community, a DUI is much more than just a mar on an individual’s record. It can mean having to leave the U.S. If you hold a green card or are an immigrant to the U.S., it is important to understand the consequences of a DUI charge. According to NPR, 75% of individuals detained in deportation raids were convicted criminals. The individuals held had been found guilty of a range of crimes, DUI among them. While some of the individuals held may have been found guilty of more serious crimes, like homicide, it isn’t clear whether ICE will discriminate between misdemeanor and felony charges under the new Presidential administration. President Trump has vowed to crack down on illegal immigrants, putting criminally charged immigrants at the forefront of his targets.

Worse, NPR reports that recent raids may have involved “collateral damage” in which a person who was convicted of a crime faced ICE targeting, but then other undocumented individuals in the home were detained because they couldn’t provide documentation. This suggests that individuals who are charged with a crime may not only face deportation themselves but could potentially put other household members at risk of deportation as well. According to NPR, as many as a quarter of the people held during raids may not have been convicted of a crime. Trump’s deportation order on criminal aliens permits the deportation of any criminal alien.

If you are facing any criminal charges, it is important to protect your innocence and your rights. Shockley & Ransom: Attorneys at Law are DUI lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama who may be able to assist you.

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