Can I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit for Social Damages?

Social media is one of the most resourceful sites for individuals to stay current with friends, family, and news broadcasts. While some posts are enlightening and simply inform us about the positive things that are occurring, others display the serious issues that are going on in the world today. Take police brutality and mistreatment for instance. Because this issue continues to grow, people take to social media, using this platform as an outlet to remind the world of the abuse that is going on.

There is no doubt about it that social media has become the number one source for citizens to not only learn about the concerns regarding police misconduct, but also for those to share their own personal stories. If you keep up with trending news, you may remember the viral video released back in 2015 involving a Texas police officer who mistreated a female teen as they attempted to break up a rowdy pool party.

During the time of the event, which is known to many as the “infamous McKinney pool party,” apparently things got out of control which prompted neighbors to call police. One of the attendees of the party, Dajerria Becton, 16, was slammed to the ground by officer Eric Casebolt, who resigned shortly after the incident occurred. Based on the video and the comments posted, Casebolt may have over-stepped his boundaries as an officer after becoming overly aggressive with Becton and drawing his gun out on two other teens.

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While the account left Casebolt free from criminal charges, it did leave Becton suffering from “social backlash.” And after the dust settled and time passed, because of the emotional pain Becton was experiencing, her and her family took on a personal injury attorney in Texas to now represent the case. Kim, T. Cole is the family’s legal representative and she has asked the city to supply the family with $2.5 million. She has also requested that “police officers be trained in use of excessive force, racial sensitivity and handling juveniles,” according to Dallas News.

So, the question still remains, can I file for social damages in a personal injury lawsuit?

Although the personal injury attorneys at the Robson Law Firm in Texas can provide you with a detailed explanation, it does come down to the incident, and whether or not negligence was a factor. If someone was behaving in a manner that caused you physical or mental harm, and the suffering you have experienced from that is brought on by social outlets, there is a chance that your personal injury claim be a viable one if you are filing for social damages.

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