Can You Receive Personal Injury Compensation for Emotional Injury After a Car Accident?

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida. We often hear about the serious physical consequences victims face after a car accident. While serious physical injury can impact your ability to work and enjoy life, it is also important to consider the very real impact that a car accident can have on a victims’ emotional well-being. According to Very Well Mind, approximately 9 percent of people who have been in a car accident go on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Not everyone who has been in a car accident goes on to develop PTSD, but there are certainly some risk factors that make some individuals more prone to developing the condition.

According to Very Well Mind, individuals who have suffered from prior traumatic events, those who suffer from a family history of psychological difficulty, and those who lost a family member in a car accident might be more likely to go on to develop PTSD after a car accident. Emotional support can also make a big difference in victims’ recoveries. Individuals who have strong social support networks are more likely to recover without developing PTSD than those who do not have strong support networks.

While some people might think that a more serious car accident will be more likely to cause PTSD, this actually is not a risk factor. Individuals can be in serious car accidents and be just fine, while others will be in minor car accidents and go on to develop PTSD. It appears that some people are more vulnerable to the condition than others. The development of PTSD might have more to do with whether you believed your life was in danger, than whether your life was actually in danger at the time of the crash.

How can you tell if you or a loved one might be suffering from PTSD after a car accident? If you find yourself feeling anxiety when you think about driving or being near cars, this might be a sign that you could be developing PTSD following a crash. If you find yourself feeling more anxious while driving, even weeks or months after your accident has taken place, you might be suffering from PTSD. Being hypervigilant or avoiding driving situations or situations that remind you of your crash can also be a warning sign that you might be suffering from PTSD.

According to WebMD, other signs of PTSD can include intrusive memories or nightmares that interrupt your sleep. Victims’ behavior might change or they may have trouble focusing. Another sign of PTSD is increased mood swings. If you find yourself depressed, not enjoying life activities you enjoyed previously, or if you find yourself isolating yourself from others, or ae experiencing feelings of numbness, you may also be suffering from PTSD.

The emotional effects of PTSD are very real and can have a major impact on your life. The Graham Law Group, L.L.C. are car accident lawyers in Daytona Beach, Florida who understand that the healing process following a car accident must involve a person’s whole body and mind. Our firm can assist you with all aspects of your claims process, from helping you seek appropriate treatment for your injuries to helping you seek a claim from insurers and negligent parties.

Have questions about whether you might be entitled to make a claim for PTSD after a car accident? Visit us at in Daytona Beach, Florida to learn more. If you are outside Daytona Beach, visit We can connect you with a qualified car accident lawyer near you who may be able to help you seek compensation for your PTSD claim.


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