Causes of Car Accident Fires and How to Protect Yourself

NASHVILLE, Tennessee. Burns are among the more serious and devastating injuries a person can experience after a car accident. Depending on the severity of your burn, patients require anything from minor first aid to long-term medical care, skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, and major emergency care. First degree burns are minor and generally result in redness, swelling and pain. According to the Mayo Clinic, second degree burns can result in blistering. If a person suffers a second degree burn on their hands, feet, groin, major joint, or over a large area of their body, Mayo Clinic recommends that patients seek medical care immediately. Third degree burns are much more serious and can result in difficulty breathing, loss of muscle or bone mass, and other serious complications, including blood loss. Immediate medical care should be sought. In general, if you’ve been in a car accident and have suffered a burn, you should see a doctor to ensure that you get the medical treatment you need.

Yet, not all car accidents result in burn injuries. How can car accident fires be prevented in the first place? It can be difficult to trace the causes of a car accident fire. In many instances, human error, mechanical issues, and chemical causes all play a role. According to How Stuff Works, even a small car fire should be taken seriously. A small fire can lead to an explosion or to a greater blaze later. If your car is on fire, get out of your car and get away from the vehicle. Ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers and other people in the area, if possible.

Car fires can occur if the engine is damaged or if the gas tank leaks. Because it isn’t always easy to detect damage of this kind, it is often wise to get away from your vehicle and call the police. Heat combined with a leaky gas tank can create a situation where a fire could occur. Taking your car in for a regular tune up can also protect you in the event of an accident. Your mechanic can check for potentially dangerous leaks that could cause a fire should an accident take place. For instance, a fuel system leak can be particularly dangerous.

There have also been reported cases where car manufacturer defects resulted in car fires, though these instances are rarer. Tesla’s batteries have been known to catch fire. Investigations into the accidents suggest that road debris may have punctured the car’s batteries, resulting in the fires. Overheating catalytic converters can also catch fire, reiterating the importance of getting a regular tune up. In other instances, a car suffered an electrical failure, resulting in a fire.

If you’ve suffered an injury after a car fire, it can sometimes be difficult to discern the cause of the fire. The fire may have been the result of a fuel leak or it could be the result of a manufacturer’s defect. In some cases, the fire was simply unavoidable. A crash can be so severe that it results in a car fire. What can you do if you’ve been in a crash? First, seek medical attention, call the police, and finally, consider speaking to a qualified auto accident attorney like the Law Office of George R. Fusner, Jr. in Nashville, Tennessee. Our firm can review the details of your crash and investigate the causes of your fire. If you are facing a long road to recovery or high medical expenses, you may be entitled to receive a recovery under the law. Visit today to learn more.


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