What Compensation am I Entitled to After a Truck Accident?

Personal injury attorneys at the Robson Law Firm are highlighting what damages you may be entitled to receive as a result of being involved in a truck accident in the state of Texas.

Vehicular accidents in general are known to leave individuals suffering from significant and often life-threatening injuries. However, those involved in a truck accident, including commercial vehicles, are usually facing much harsher injuries that sometimes leave victims permanently disabled. Truck accidents are known to cause much more destruction as the size and weight of the automobile is much larger than that of an average car. Because of this, it is important to understand the various damages you may be entitled to claim if you have become the unfortunate victim to one of these types of accidents.

Medical Care Costs– In most injury cases, an injury victim is likely going to be required to attend regularly scheduled doctors’ visits. This not only allows you to determine the severity of your injury, but also shows the liable party you truly are injured. Therefore, if you were a passenger in a vehicle that was hit by a commercial truck, or the driver, you should be entitled to receive compensation to cover the accrued costs associated with the medical treatment you had rendered.

Loss of Wages– While some individuals are fortunate enough to not have to work, many of us do. And if your injuries were so severe that you are now unable to carry on with your work duties, your loss of wages should also be accounted for.

Loss of Consortium- Being hurt, disabled, or debilitated means you probably aren’t able to take part in your usual day to day activities. One of the major issues that often arise after a person becomes injured in a trucking accident is a loss of consortium. According to dictionary.law.com, this is “the inability of one’s spouse to have normal marital relations.”

Pain and Suffering- Take into consideration the physical pain and mental anguish you are experiencing. How has this affected your life? The answer to that question will help injury attorney Chris Robson determine a monetary value for this particular damage.

To better learn and understand what you are entitled to receive as an injury victim, visit www.robsonlawfirm.com where you can connect with a local personal injury lawyer at the Robson Law Firm in Austin, Texas today.

Something else to keep in mind is that most personal injury settlements are handled through the at-fault party’s insurance company. This means they are going to provide you with a settlement offer and may do so early on after you were involved in the truck accident. Before making any rash decisions and accepting their offer, you need to consult with an injury lawyer at The Robson Law Firm as they can assess the terms of the offer and explore other damages you may be entitled to but aren’t included in the settlement.  As a personal injury victim

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