Divorce and Your Career

GREENVILLE, South Carolina. Most individuals going through divorce understand that the legal process will have an impact on their financial situation. Couples should consider who will get the house, how bank accounts and assets will be divided, and how debts will be split. A qualified divorce lawyer like the Law Offices of Linda C. Hayes in Greenville, South Carolina can help you work through some of the tough legal and financial concerns that divorce raises.

However, divorce can also have an impact on your career, if you are not careful. According to the Harvard Business Review, divorce can affect your career and job—for good and for bad. After all, divorce can have an impact on many aspects of your life at once—from your personal life, to your finances, to how you relate to your family and circle of friends. However, divorce can also be an opportunity for growth. Individuals may find themselves with more free time when children are away for visitation. Some individuals choose to use this time to take risks, learn new skills, or grow their businesses. Others take the time to reflect on what went wrong in the marriage and consider the ways in which communication patterns could impact their ability to work on a team. Sometimes the counseling that individuals undergo during the divorce process helps them gain insights into how they work, communicate, and handle conflict.

According to NJ.com, it is important to stay focused on your work goals during your divorce. Stress from your divorce can sometimes spill over into your interactions with colleagues and even impact your work performance. In some cases, individuals were fired because their divorce and home life affected their on-the-job performance.

So, how can you keep your job and your sanity as you go through your divorce? For one, don’t try to go it alone. Contact a qualified family law attorney like the Law Offices of Linda C. Hayes in Greenville, South Carolina. Divorce is a complex legal process that sometimes involves many moving parts. Having a professional on your side helping you through the process can offer you some peace of mind. Secondly, consider seeking counseling if you find yourself angry, sad, or having difficulty processing your emotions. Even a few sessions can get you on the right track and prevent emotions from your home life spilling over into your work life. Finally, consider speaking to your boss and colleagues. Most of us know someone who has gone through a divorce, have gone through a divorce ourselves, or are children of divorced homes. Many people can empathize with the challenges that come with divorce. Letting your boss and colleagues know what is going on can help them better understand the situation. Don’t be afraid to take some vacation time or mental health days if they are available to process your divorce and changed life circumstances. Sometimes, taking the time to pause and think instead trucking on can have positive effects. However, it is wise to avoid venting about your divorce to colleagues. Let them know what is going on, but if you need to talk to someone about the divorce, speak to family, friends, or a trusted counselor, not to your boss or co-workers.

If you and your ex share a business, divorce can have an immediate impact on your career. In this case, it is always wise to seek legal counsel about how your divorce will impact your business. A lawyer can help you divide your partnership or help you understand how your divorce will affect your shared company or business.

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