When is Divorce Better Than an Unhappy Marriage?

MARIETTA, Georgia. It can difficult to know when to speak to a family lawyer. The decision to get divorced is one that many people spend some time weighing before deciding to move forward. But, when is divorce better than an unhappy marriage? How do you know when to pull the cord? Here are some things to consider:

Understand that marriages go through rough times. According to Psychology Today, one of the reasons why deciding to divorce can be so hard is that every relationship can go through its rough times. Staying in a relationship that isn’t working can be damaging for both children and the couple involved. However, sometimes staying a little longer allows both individuals to work out their differences. It is a delicate balance between assessing the possible damage and losses you’ll sustain by staying together as opposed to the damage and losses you’ll sustain when you split. The choice is never easy.

Make the decision to divorce with a clear head. Never decide to divorce while angry or triggered. Divorce is a serious decision that should be made when you are calm and clear enough to plan, think about the consequences, and consider your options.

Consider the relationship you are modeling for your kids. While divorce can be difficult for young children, research has shown that the impact of divorce wears off with time. However, living with parents who are always fighting, not happy, or abusive can actually traumatize and re-traumatize your child. When considering whether or not to get divorced, if you have kids, you’ll have to consider the impact divorcing or not divorcing will have on them. In some cases, staying together might be worse for the kids. According to the Huffington Post, parents can use a divorce to show children the importance of seeking out what you want, and the importance of setting limits and boundaries. Finally, happy parents can be better parents to their children.

Consider the energy you’ll need to put into your marriage. Is your relationship draining your energy? How much energy will be required to save your marriage? What will you have to trade in or lose in order to devote this energy to your marriage? Is it worth it? Consider these questions before forging forward to preserve a relationship.

Consider the life you can have after divorce. Divorce is hard and costly. You’ll need to contact an attorney like the family lawyers at the Law Offices of Linda C. Hayes. You might need to move. Your family may change. Yet, divorce gives you the chance to focus on your own needs and goals. Many people find that they are finally able to grow and live the life they want after divorce. It is not an end, but a new beginning.

Divorce begins as an emotional decision that affects a relationship, but it is important to remember that divorce is a legal matter as well. You’ll need to consider parenting plans, division of assets and debt, and other considerations. If you are thinking about getting divorced, visit www.lindahayeslaw.com to learn more about the steps you’ll need to take.


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