Do Alternative Therapies for Car Accident Victims Work?

ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana. Some critics claim that car accident victims may seek thousands of dollars in care for alternative therapies, stressing insurance systems and leaving negligent drivers with exorbitant bills. Yet, do alternative therapies work and should car accident victims seek them out? Under Louisiana law, victims of car accidents resulting from the negligence of other drivers may be entitled to seek compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. These damages may include certain alternative therapies. If you’ve been hurt in a crash, you may want to speak to the Alexandria, Louisiana personal injury lawyers at Jones Law Firm. Our firm can review the facts of your case, your injuries, and help you seek a recovery to cover the services you may need to heal.

What can those services include? According to Hour Detroit, art, music, and other alternative therapy programs can sometimes help younger patients manage stress and anxiety following a car accident. Children who have been hurt or traumatized in a car accident may face unique challenges on the road to recovery. For instance, if a child who has been injured has to endure an extended stay in the hospital, educational specialists, recreational therapists, and music, art, and other activity specialists may be used to help a child manage the anxiety and stress of a long hospital stay. Music, for instance, can help a patient find a safe outlet to express fears and concerns. A child who has to spend a long period of time in the hospital to recover is still just a child. Alternative therapies can help these children get their childhoods back.

Music can also help patients suffering from traumatic brain injury recover memories and heal. In some cases, music therapy can be transformative for these patients. In some cases, silent patients can speak, and patients can experience joy while they recover.

While music, art, and alternative therapies can be incredibly helpful, it is important for patients and parents to understand their limitations. For instance, one writer for the Atlantic noted that music can confuse patients as they try to integrate memories of the music, especially if they suffer from memory loss, brain damage, or dementia. Movement to music can also be an involuntary reaction, so for the most severely damaged patients, doctors, nurses, and families should be cautious when presenting music to these patients. Even if patients move to the sound of the songs presented, they may not be enjoying the experience. While music can trigger immense joy in patients, it can also trigger sadness. Families and caregivers need to consider the emotional impact some types of music can have on patients.

Yet, despite these concerns, the evidence shows that music therapy, art therapy, and other alternative therapies, when employed by a trained professional, can be incredibly beneficial to auto accident victims. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a crash, the auto accident attorneys at Jones Law Firm in Alexandria LA may be able to help you and your loved ones seek the qualified medical care and rehabilitative care you may need and deserve. Quality medical care and rehab services can be costly. A caring attorney can help you seek a recovery to cover your expenses and losses.

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