Does Divorce, the New Sarah Jessica Parker HBO Series, Offer an Accurate View of Divorce?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 813,862 divorces in 2014. If you are among the million-plus group of people who are either experiencing a divorce or are among those who have successfully finalized your divorce, you are probably aware of the serious emotional and legal challenges that divorce can bring. One of the bigger challenges divorce brings is the isolation. Friendship and family structures change with divorce. Yet, for all the challenges divorce brings, time and time again psychologists have noted that living in an acrimonious and difficult marriage can bring long-term health and psychological consequences. Of course, divorce itself brings its own psychological and legal consequences. For many, divorce will be the most emotionally challenging life event an individual may have to face.


For those going through a divorce, Sarah Jessica Parker’s recent HBO series, Divorce, may offer some solace. The show sheds a little humor on some of the darker sides of divorce. According to the Guardian, both parties in the split are presented in alternating sympathetic and negative lights, allowing the audience to see both sides of a tough breakup.

But, does the show offer an accurate view of divorce? Reviews of the show suggest that the show promises to offer a tough look at the emotional fallout following divorce, with some dark humor thrown in. Yet, it is important to realize that every divorce, like every marriage, is different.

For those who are going through divorce in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it is wise to understand how your unique circumstances will impact the legal aspects of your divorce. A qualified divorce attorney like the Family Law Department of KO Lawyers can review your assets, debts, and assist you with other questions that may arise during divorce.

Hollywood gets its drama with divorce trials—and it isn’t clear whether HBO’s Divorce will go there. But, in real life, taking your differences before a judge may not be in your best interests. Some divorce attorneys put litigation first, while the recent trend has been to move towards out-of-court settlements. This means that your divorce lawyer will work with you and your partner to divide property, debts, and to develop a parenting plan outside of court. Individuals who take their case to court run the risk of a judge making decisions regarding parenting, division of assets, and alimony that neither partner may want. Reversing a judge’s decision can be challenging once it has been made. This is why it is important to find a settlement that works for your family. Only when decisions cannot be made outside of court, should a case be taken to court—and as a last resort.

A recent trend has been therapeutic jurisprudence. The Family Law Department of KO Lawyers are family law attorneys who work with clients using this method. The attorneys look at the emotional and psychological aspects of divorce in addition to the legal ones. Unlike the HBO series, which is likely to draw out its divorce for months or years, you’ll want to resolve your differences quickly. It may be best to turn to a lawyer for advice.

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