Drug Charges in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Can Lead to Serious Consequences

LANCASTER, Pennsylvania. Drug crime convictions, even misdemeanor charges, come with serious consequences. Felony charges tend to be more serious than misdemeanor charges. Individuals found guilty of a felony in Lancaster, Pennsylvania can lose their right to vote, lose their right to own or possess a gun, may lose their immigration status, and may have difficulty accessing certain federal benefits, including housing benefits and student financial aid. Individuals may also face challenges getting jobs due to having a criminal history. Yet, even a misdemeanor conviction, while less serious than a felony, also comes with life-long consequences.

Misdemeanor convictions are often given to individuals for smaller drug crimes, like marijuana possession. These convictions may not always lead to jail time. According to Time Magazine, individuals with misdemeanor charges face similar challenges accessing housing, loans, and certain jobs as those with felony charges. The collateral consequences of even a small drug charge can last a lifetime. Individuals may not enjoy the same opportunities as those with a clean record.

Even a minor conviction can get a person who is a legal permanent resident deported. In fact, some of the immigrants being detained today hold legal status and are being detained for misdemeanor crimes they may have committed years ago. According to the LA Times, some of the individuals being detained hold Green Cards, but are facing deportation for minor crimes, like bar fights or for smoking marijuana. In fact, individuals may plead guilty to minor crimes, not realizing the fact that doing so could jeopardize their immigration status. In fact, the crackdown on immigrant crime didn’t really begin until after 9-11, and many of the individuals who plead guilty to charges did so before they were aware that the charges could come back to haunt them later.

If you’re facing even a misdemeanor charge, it is important to understand the serious impact it can have on your future and your life. A Lancaster, PA drug crimes lawyer can take a close look at the circumstances of your arrest and fight for justice. If you’re facing drug crime charges, contact Barry G. Goldman, Esquire: Attorney at Law in Lancaster today to learn more about your rights and options.

Drug crime charges can affect your ability to work in certain fields, and receive certain types of licensing—even minor misdemeanor charges. There are several strategies a drug crimes lawyer can use to defend your case and even, in some instances, get your charges dropped. Visit barrygoldmanlaw.com to learn more about your options.

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