Facing Foreseeable Shooting and Terrorist Threats, Nightclubs, Malls, and Amusement Parks Increase Security

INDIO, California. As more terrorist acts occur in public spaces, the burden of providing security for patrons is increasingly being placed on park owners, mall owners, and nightclub owners. When the survivors of a mass shooting at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado sued the company, the jury found that the shooting was an unforeseeable threat that the company could not have prevented. But, as public spaces such as malls, movie theatres, nightclubs, and amusement parks become increasingly targeted, it isn’t likely that the argument that these threats are unforeseeable will hold up in court for long. This means that if the owners of these premises fail to provide proper security, the owners could be held liable for any injuries patrons sustain due to violence.

The Los Angeles Times recently published estimates that Disney may spend as much as $75 million on security alone. The standards are increasing as well. Retired cops are being replaced with former CIA operatives and FBI veterans. The theme park industry spends approximately $250 million in security and these costs are estimated to rise. American companies as a whole spend about $341 billion on security. At the end of the day, businesses are concerned about the possible liability they could face if they are targeted for an attack.

Just as airlines spent more after 9/11 to protect passengers, now malls, movie theatres, nightclubs, and amusement parks will likely have to shoulder more of the cost of protecting patrons. In many cases, training alone can make a huge difference. Some companies train housekeepers, staff, and workers on safety protocols and how to identify suspicious behavior.

Personal injury lawyers like Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates in Indio California are closely watching the legal landscape. Premises liability law may soon protect consumers from more than just slip and falls. When there are gaps in security, the chances of a dangerous situation arising may go up. For instance, attackers may target locations where there are no cameras or security personnel at the door. That said, when it comes to surprise attacks, there may be little that can be done, even with the most sophisticated security measures in place. Just recently, a theme park in Maryland was evacuated after receiving a bomb and shooting threat. According to the Daily Mail, the theme park was evacuated after authorities notified the park about the threat.

Property owners have a duty to protect their patrons. This means keeping floors cleared, property repaired, and preventing foreseeable hazards. For the larger theme parks, companies clearly see a need to provide tight security. If you’ve been injured in a mall, nightclub, or theme park, you may have certain rights and protections under the law. The personal injury lawyers at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates offer compassionate and caring counsel to those who have been hurt due to a company or property owner’s negligence or neglect. Contact us today to learn more about your rights if you’ve been personally injured.

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