Fox News Faces Race Discrimination Lawsuits

PORT ST. LUCIE and STUART, Florida. Fox News has faced increased scrutiny in recent weeks and months, especially in the wake of Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment payout scandal. Now, ABC News reports that Fox News faces another lawsuit, this time from three women claiming that they were subject to years of race discrimination at Fox News. Women who worked at the company claim that executives ridiculed black women. The workers allege that leaders in the company made fun of “stereotyped black speech.”

The race discrimination allegations are not limited to African American workers at the company. Workers claim that Fox News executives also discriminated against Mexican, Indian, and Chinese workers, using harassing language and insulting stereotypes. Unfortunately, like many cases of race discrimination and gender discrimination, the employees who were responsible for the most egregious violations were considered “untouchable” by the company. When racial discrimination or sexual harassment is committed by men or employees who hold vital or high positions in a company, it can be challenging for workers to speak up. Workers may even sometimes face retaliation for reporting the harassment. Human resources may ignore a worker’s plea to stop the harassment. Workplace harassment can take many forms, from verbal harassment invoking stereotypes, to racial discrimination that can result in individuals of color being passed up for promotions, raises, and even for jobs.

What can you do if you face workplace sexual harassment or race discrimination in Florida? Most workplaces have policies against harassment and discrimination. Read your workplace policies and report the violation, preferably in writing. Documenting your experience can be useful if you face retaliation or if your reports are ignored. If you continue to experience workplace harassment, race discrimination, or sexual harassment, contact the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. Our gender discrimination and race discrimination lawyers in Port St. Lucie and Stuart, Florida may be able to help.

Race discrimination and a hostile work environment can impact workers’ success. According to the Atlantic, the strain of racial profiling and race discrimination can have an impact on performance. Not only do people of color face increased police scrutiny, but they may face increased scrutiny and pressure in the workplace. A study performed by Northwestern University found that racial discrimination may be partly to blame for the educational achievement gap. Could it also be to blame for the pay and promotion gaps experienced by people of color on the job?

Stress stemming from harassment and stereotypes can not only affect a worker’s health but also his or her performance. Employers have a legal responsibility to stop workplace harassment and to create a safe space for their employees. When they fail to do so, they could face fines and lawsuits. Sometimes human resources doesn’t respond fast enough. If you are suffering from race discrimination, gender discrimination, or harassment on the job, protect your rights. Contact the race and gender discrimination lawyers at the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address in Port St. Lucie and Stuart, Florida.

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