Google Faces Gender Discrimination Claims

STUART and PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida. According to Forbes, Google faces accusations from the Department of Labor for gender pay discrimination. The Department of Labor claims that it found pay disparities between women and men across Google’s entire workforce. Federal laws prohibit paying people who do the same job different salaries. Some supporters of Google claim that the company is fair in its compensation, claiming that the Department of Labor is comparing similar jobs rather than jobs that are the same. However, this language may be contributing to ongoing disparities in pay between women and men. If companies can claim that positions are similar, but not the same, then they can try to get away with paying women less than they pay men. It’s likely that Google will fight the allegations based on this reasoning. As more women come forward and fight wage discrimination and gender discrimination when they encounter pay disparities, the wage gap may finally begin to close. The Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. work closely with women who have faced a range of civil rights and workplace challenges.

According to the Los Angeles Times, companies like Google and other tech firms have been trying to find ways to create more diverse workforces. The Los Angeles Times found that only 19% of Google’s tech workers are women. Despite claims from Google and other companies that they don’t discriminate, they have been reluctant to share their salary data.

Google is probably not the only company facing gender discrimination problems. Across the board women are paid less than men. So, what can women do about it? First, women can see if their company’s salary averages are listed on Glassdoor. The site offers individuals average salaries for many companies, giving new employees a better starting point to initiate negotiations.

According to the Los Angeles Times, failure to negotiate one’s salary is one of the reasons why women earn less than men. Women may be less likely to negotiate and may underestimate their worth. Women are encouraged to start negotiations with a value that will get them a “no.” According to one negotiation expert, getting a “no” means you’re doing it right.  Of course, it helps to have an understanding of how much people are paid, on average, in your field.

Yet, what should you do, if you negotiate and still aren’t being offered fair pay? And, what should you do if you find out a man is getting paid more to do the same work? The first steps might involve confronting your manager or boos. Many companies try to keep numbers under wraps. But if you discover a disparity, you can take action. If you fear retaliation, you may want to speak to a gender discrimination attorney, like the Fort St. Lucie and Stuart, Florida, Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. A gender discrimination lawyer can review the details of your case and help you seek back pay, compensation, damages, and other recoveries as permitted under the law. Visit today for more information.

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