How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact Your Next Auto Accident Claim

ALEXANDRIA and MARKSVILLE, Louisiana. Artificial intelligence is entering a “golden age.” The New York Times recently reported on Google translate’s massive gains thanks to A.I. Researchers are seeing major breakthroughs in the areas of machine learning, vision, and language processing. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are using these new tools to transform their products. Companies are discussing the ways that A.I. may be able to change the way we shop, work, and play. According to Tech Crunch, A.I. may also begin to impact auto insurance. According to Tech Crunch, Liberty Mutual Insurance is working to bring together proprietary data and public data to help crash victims estimate the cost of repairs after an accident.

Sounds good? Well, let’s pause for a moment and consider the real-life impact of using A.I. and data to estimate the value of damages after a car accident. While data can give a person an average estimate, data won’t be able to consider the nuanced details of any given accident. We have already seen cases where individuals have received lower initial settlements from auto insurance adjusters who were using computer programs to estimate damages. Victims may not always be aware that these programs may use lower estimates and may not reflect the actual damages they have sustained in their accident. Because of this, some individuals seek the qualified advice of a Marksville, Louisiana personal injury lawyer like Laborde Earles. The firm takes a look at insurance adjusters’ estimates and can help victims better evaluate the value of their claims. Data may be able to offer individuals an estimate of auto repairs, but data may not always be able to account for the personal and individualized realities of pain and suffering and other damages that can’t always be accounted for by a computer.

Yet, data can be helpful in some ways. New programs are able to evaluate routes to help drivers find safer ways home or to work. Data can tell users where car theft rates are high, so they can better plan how to park their cars—and plan where to park their cars.

However, the risk of this data means that individuals who live in neighborhoods with higher rates of car theft or accidents may face higher rates. According to a recent ProPublica investigative report, individuals who live in minority neighborhoods may pay higher insurance premiums than those who live in white or wealthier neighborhoods. In fact, individuals in minority neighborhoods may pay as much as 30% more for car insurance. Living in the wrong zip code can lead to higher rates for some. It isn’t clear why minority neighborhoods face higher rates, but ProPublica suggests that proprietary algorithms may be, at least partly, to blame.

Given that algorithms can affect everything—from what you pay for car insurance to the recovery you receive, it may be wise to speak to the personal injury lawyers at Laborde Earles in Alexandria, Louisiana. Our firm can take a close look at your case and offer a fair estimate of what your case may be worth. When it comes to negotiating with insurance adjusters, this knowledge can be power.

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