Is There Evidence Against Donald Trump Committing Impeachable Offenses? 

President Donald Trump has only been in office for a few months now and already there is talk that he might be impeached. Could this be? Well, with all the allegations being thrown around and the illegal moves he might be making behind closed doors, impeachment may very well be a part of Donald Trump’s future. But what exactly does it mean when a president is impeached? Does it mean he will be thrown out of office without successfully making it through his first year? Well, here’s a break down of what it means for a president to be impeached and why Donald Trump might be the perfect candidate for it.


What is Presidential Impeachment?


Although any civil officer of the government can be impeached, when focusing on the president, it means formal charges have been brought against him/her for a crime committed, most often while they held a position in office. The motion for impeachment can come from Congress or an appointed special council. And although a push for impeachment isn’t a guarantee that the president will actually be removed, if there is enough evidence, there is a good chance they just may be forced to step down from their position. And it doesn’t stop there. If a president is successfully impeached, they may also be indicted on their charges.


To date, there have only been two presidents who were impeached from office: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. And although they lost their presidential role, they were acquitted which means they weren’t formally charged for the allegations placed against them. So, the next question remains:


Why Would Donald Trump be Considered for Impeachment?


If you paid attention to the 2016 election and have followed up with politics, which most have since this election was definitely one to make the history books, then you probably heard there may have been a scandal between Russia and their influence on the outcome of the presidential election. Although that issue seemed to have taken a back seat for a while, an investigation was underway. The topic was then brought back to light again when President Trump fired Robert Comey who is now the former F.B.I. director.


One of the reasons why this raised some eyebrows was that apparently Trump asked Comey to call off the F.B.I.’s Russia investigation. According to Independent, President Trump may have been trying to “squash or hinder investigations into his campaign’s ties” with Russia. And of course, Trump ceases to surprise citizens once again.


Now, it is being rumored that Trump is sharing classified intelligence with Russian officials which could ultimately place American lives at risk. There is a reason why information is considered classified and why it should be withheld from other countries. Perhaps Trump thinks otherwise seeing that he has “experience” with politics.


Trump has made strategic moves when choosing who he wanted to hire into the government, perhaps to help save him when his scandal surfaced. And although it hasn’t been confirmed that his actions could cause him to become impeached, the fact that it is being discussed isn’t a good look for our new president.

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