Mayo Clinic Makes New Strides for Helping Paralyzed Patients

IRVINE, California. Spinal cord injury is one of the more serious and life-altering injuries individuals experience following catastrophic car crashes and other accidents. The injury can be costly for victims and their families, resulting in major lifestyle changes and long-term rehabilitation. The losses individuals experience can be immense. The quality of rehabilitation that an individual receives after a serious injury can often impact quality of life. However, quality care can be expensive for injured individuals and their families. For instance, access to cutting-edge breakthroughs, leading rehabilitative services, and high-quality vocational training can be unaffordable for many families. The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth are injury lawyers in San Diego, California who help accident victims and their families seek the recovery they may deserve under the law. Visit to speak with an attorney today.

Accident victims can be assisted in estimating the cost of future medical and rehabilitative expenses to protect them well into the future. As modern medicine makes greater strides for spinal cord injury patients, it is more important than ever to plan ahead and to consider future medical costs and rehabilitation expenses. Major advancements in spinal cord injury care and rehabilitation services are taking place right now. For instance, according to the Star Tribune, the Mayo Clinic is researching the effectiveness of a new electrical stimulator, which, in early studies has been shown to increase mobility and function in spinal cord injury patients. In one instance, the breakthrough device allowed one man with complete spinal cord injury to be able to stand unsupported.

With the help of physical therapy and the stimulator, patients have been able to regain important functions, including movement, temperature control, bladder control, and sexual function. Spinal cord patients can experience a range of losses after their injury and patients may have diverse goals. New research has brought in new hope to help more patients see those goals achieved in the future. While current experimental procedures are often funded by research and charity organizations, many patients are preparing themselves for the future. For instance, one patient works with a physical therapist to maintain muscle tone. Others may want to plan ahead financially.

As more developments occur, personal injury lawyers and families may need to consider the cost of pursuing cutting edge technological medicine for their patients. The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth are accident lawyers in San Diego, California who understand that the costs of injury are not limited to a patient’s immediate emergency room stay, but can go on years into the future.

According to Science Daily, the new research performed by the Mayo Clinic suggests that spinal cord patients may be ideal candidates for epidural stimulation treatment. These patients are more likely to recover function using the new device. Patients may not have access to the device on a widespread basis just yet as it has yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. However, results show promise for the device’s use in the future with patients who qualify.

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