More Women Being Arrested for Drunk Driving

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama. According to Forensic Science International, the typical drunk driver is a male between the ages of 40 and 49. Most drivers who are charged with drunk driving have a valid license, drive their own car, and have jobs. The typical drunk driver is your neighbor, your friend, your after-work drink buddy. Yet, recent trends suggest that this profile may be changing as more women are being arrested for drunk driving.

According to Michigan Live, FBI statistics show that the number of women who have been arrested for drunk driving has increased by 20% since 2003. While the number of women who are being arrested for DUIs has increased, the number of men who have been arrested for DUIs has actually decreased. While men still outnumber women when it comes to DUI charges (approximately 650,000 men were charged in 2012 compared to 211,000 women), the profile of the “typical” drunk driver seems to be changing.

Why are more women facing drunk driving charges? One researcher suggests that with more women in the workforce driving longer distances to work, the chances that women will be charged with drunk driving for having an after-work drink have increased. In addition to this, social acceptance of women drinking in public has also increased. Others suggest that increased stressors and relationship problems may be driving more women to drink.

Because alcohol affects a person’s judgement, individuals may believe that they are safe to drive when they are not. Shockley & Ransom: Attorneys at Law are Birmingham, Alabama DUI lawyers who understand that one mistake can lead to serious fines, license suspension, and possible jail time. For many individuals, one night’s mistake can lead to a criminal record and collateral consequences that can affect a person’s insurance. Fortunately, there are many DUI defenses available to protect the rights of those who are facing DUI charges.

Substance abuse counselors note that the increase in women drinkers can be attributed, at least in part, to societal stressors. Many who drink simply have not gained the resources they need to handle some of the major life stressors that can affect individuals. Women who have been charged with DUIs note that their got their DUI not after a night of hard partying, but because they were drinking daily during a tough time in their lives—such as a breakup, divorce, or other life event. As the legal limit for drunk driving drops, more women may be facing charges. Women may be more at risk of DUIs because their bodies metabolize alcohol differently than men. Women may be drunker after having fewer drinks, putting them at increased risk of facing some of the more serious DUI charges.

If you are facing DUI charges, you need a qualified lawyer fighting on your side. The Birmingham, Alabama DUI attorneys at Shockley & Ransom offer qualified DUI defense. Our firm can review the circumstances leading up to and following your arrest to determine the best course of action forward. You are innocent until proven guilty.

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