New Research Sheds Light on How Divorce May Affect Children in Early Childhood

QUEENS, New York. It’s a concern most divorcing parents face—in addition to worries about child support payments, visitation schedules, and developing a parenting plan, many divorcing couples worry about the impact that their split will have on their children. While a traumatizing divorce can indeed have an impact on a child’s development, education, and psychological well-being, new research suggests that children who experience some stress due to a parent’s divorce may actually be better off than some children in certain tasks and skills. Recent research indicates that children are much more resilient than previously thought.

In one study noted by the Atlantic, children whose parents are divorced had a better memory for early childhood events. The old ideas about child development were that harder childhoods, resulted in worse brain development and more difficulties. But, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that individuals with more chaotic childhoods were better able to shift their attention from task to task quickly.

Of course, this research is only part of the story. Going through a traumatic divorce can be difficult on a child and can impact a child for years. Research indicates that toxic stress can impact a child’s cognitive development. This is why parents who are going through divorce are wise to seek the counsel of a qualified queens family lawyer like the Law Office of Charles Zolot. Attorneys who have a child’s best interest in mind can help families negotiate some of the major conflicts that arise in developing a parenting plan. Making decisions about visitation can be stressful for the adults involved, especially if a relationship is ending. This is why it can be helpful to have a lawyer walk you through your rights, responsibilities, and address concerns. Parents who can resolve their differences outside of court are more likely to develop parenting plans that they’ll both honor. When children are kept out of the middle of a parent’s separation, they are better able to heal.

Fortunately, most children adjust well to their parents’ divorce. According to Salon, while children may be affected by the divorce in the short term, in the long term, most children did just fine. This means that parents may need to provide their children with the most support and guidance while the divorce is still unresolved in court. The best way for parents to prevent long-term problems is to minimize conflict during divorce. This means finding peaceful means to resolve legal questions, questions about child support, and division of property.

If you have questions about your right to child support, visitation, or a parenting plan, it is a good idea to seek legal advice. Visit to learn more about New York’s requirements for child support and your rights. Under New York Law, formulas are used to determine child support that are based on a parent’s income and the number of children a parent is supporting. However, every child’s needs will be unique and the formula is only a starting guideline for what a child may be entitled to receive.


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