New Rules Target More People for Deportation

LOUISVILLE and LEXINGTON, Kentucky. Recent laws put in place by the Trump administration increase the number of people who can be targeted for deportation. According to Jezebel, individuals can be targeted for non-violent offenses, including abuse of public benefits and fraud. Additionally, people who have been in the country for less than 2 years could face expedited removal proceedings. Parents who help their children immigrate illegally could also be deported. Cases like this have been labeled “trafficking” or “smuggling” crimes. In some cases, parents can face criminal charges as well as removal.

Some of these expedited removal measures can result in deportations without proper due process. As it stands, if you are facing deportation, you have the right to a fair hearing. While there have been reports of people being held in detention facilities, the ACLU and other organizations has noted that holding people for extended periods of time while they await their hearing could be considered unconstitutional. In order to fight the most dire consequences and to keep your family together, you may want to speak to a deportation attorney like the lawyers at the O’Brien Law Group. The firm works closely with families and individuals who are facing deportation in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

Immigrant communities are struggling to process the news. Many live in fear of deportation. While Department of Homeland Security Officials attempted to lower fears by saying that they don’t have the personnel to support mass roundups or deportations, for some individuals, being at the wrong place at the wrong time has resulted in negative outcomes.

For instance, according to Mother Jones, dozens of raids have already occurred, resulting in the arrest of people at work, at home, and during ICE check-ins. For instance, an immigrant protected under DACA was detained after protesting Trump’s new immigration policies. While ICE is not generally permitted to perform raids at schools, churches, hospitals, and funerals, some reports have indicated that people may still be at risk. For instance, one woman was taken into custody at a hospital where she was receiving treatment for a brain tumor. In another case, a transgender woman was detained when she appeared at her domestic abuse hearing. This is chilling news for domestic violence advocates who support clemency when it comes to women and men seeking safety from violent situations. The ACLU has expressed concern that these raids can put individuals at risk at the precise moment they are trying to leave an abusive relationship.

The immigrant community is facing an era of more fear, more deportations, and less clarity about where there is protection. However, you don’t have to live in fear alone. The immigration lawyers at the O’Brien Law Group can help you understand your rights, fight removal proceedings, or assist you with applying for a visa to secure your status. You do have rights under the law if you are facing deportation. In some cases, removal proceedings may be able to be delayed or stopped with the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

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