New Therapies May Help Car Accident PTSD Victims Recover

MONROE, Louisiana. The physical injuries victims suffer after a car accident are often noted and treated after a crash, but the psychological injuries don’t often get the same coverage. However, psychological injuries, trauma, and post traumatic stress disorder after a car accident can lead to serious challenges for victims and families. These unseen and silent injuries can affect a person’s ability to work, to parent, and to resume normal social activities. These symptoms can affect quality of life. Victims may have trouble enjoying regular life activities. If they were injured while driving, they may struggle to get behind the wheel again or even ride in a car. Others may miss time at work due to the real psychological symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

What are the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder? According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms can appear soon after an accident, or they may take months to years before these symptoms become apparent. Victims may suffer from repeated memories of the event or trauma, or they may experience recurring nightmares. Individuals may avoid places or people that remind them of the event. Other symptoms include memory problems, feelings of hopelessness, social isolation or detachment, losing interest in former activities, or feeling numb. Individuals may be easily startled or always on guard. Post traumatic stress disorder can lead to problems sleeping, problems with concentration, and mood changes.

The good news is that post traumatic stress disorder can be treated. There are many ways individuals can be treated for PTSD. Some people see benefits from talk therapy. Others may find alternative therapies more helpful. A new therapy called the Comprehensive Resource Model has proven effective for some according to Newsweek. The treatment is unique, and employs the use of Native American healing techniques to help patients connect with their bodily experience of trauma. Many patients who are not helped by traditional talk therapy find it useful. Other forms of cognitive therapies have also been proven successful in helping patients recover and heal after an accident or traumatic experience.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, it is important to receive treatment for all of your injuries. Yet, treatment for the psychological injuries following a car accident may not always be covered by insurance. Victims of car accidents may have the right to seek a recovery for their medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you are not sure how you’ll pay for medical expenses and rehabilitation after your car accident, call the Monroe, Louisiana personal injury attorneys at Campbell, House, & Cummins: Attorneys at Law.

Everyone’s road to recovery will be unique. Campbell, House, & Cummins: Attorneys at Law offer compassionate and caring counsel to car accident victims. We’ll take the time to understand your injuries, your lifestyle, and your needs, and we’ll work closely with you to help you seek the recovery you may deserve under the law. Visit our firm at to learn more.

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