NTSB Schedules Date to Determine the Cause of the Train and Bus Crash that Occurred in Biloxi

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It’s been over a year since four people were killed in an accident involving a train and bus in Biloxi and it wasn’t until yesterday that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced it would finally be determining the probable cause of the incident.


Back in March 2017, a charter bus that was carrying dozens of senior citizens from Texas appeared to have gotten stuck on train tracks at Main Street in Biloxi. When passengers realized the bus wasn’t moving, they decided to exit the vehicle. Unfortunately, a CSX train began to approach the bus heading eastbound and struck the train broadside. The train pushed the bus 300 feet down the tracks, according to ABC 13. There were 50 people still on board the bus when the collision occurred. WLOX reported that only seven of those 50 were able to walk away from the tragic accident.

Thirty-five people had to be transported to area hospitals and some even airlifted from the accident scene. Medics even had to set up a triage area at the scene to treat those who suffered injuries. Among all those who were injured in the accident, two men and two women didn’t survive. A couple, who was later identified as Kenneth and Peggy Hoffman, were two of those victims. The other two victims were identified as 79-year-old Clinton Havran and 62-year-old Deborah Orr.

After the incident occurred, the Federal Railroad Administration stated that they would be sending three inspectors to investigate the accident while the NTSB would also be investigating the crash. In April 2017, the NTSB released information pertaining to the events before and after the accident and provided details regarding the crossing, the bus, and the speed of the train. The report also indicated that a toxicology test came back negative for the 60-year-old bus driver and other drugs and that the train crew was not tested nor were they required to be.


Still, investigators haven’t provided the public with a reason for why the bus got stuck on the tracks and was unable to move out of the path of the CSX train.


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Perhaps that is why the NTSB recently set a date to determine the probable cause of the unfortunate accident [Source: WLOX]. A board meeting is scheduled for August 7thand will hopefully provide the victims and their families with some answers that may lead to them gaining some sort of closure from this horrific incident.

Oftentimes, after a serious accident such as this one occurs, victims and their families generally need some sort of closure so that they can move on. Unfortunately, there are times where they don’t get it as many of these cases remain open until the investigation is complete, and that can take months or even years.


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