President Trump Wants to Reform Immigration into a Merit-Based System

In wake of the recent terrorist attack arranged by Uzbekistan immigrant Sayfullo Saipov, who killed several bicyclists and pedestrians in New York City, President Trump is using this incident as fuel to reform immigration laws. Trump is working to make changes that would abolish the Diversity Visa Program and implement a merit-based system that would determine who would be granted permission to enter the U.S. The term “merit” is defined as being worthy of or deserving of receiving something. Unfortunately, using a system based on someone’s “worthiness” might be a difficult approach to take as it can be rather hard to determine who is worthy and who isn’t.

What is the Diversity Visa Lottery?

The Diversity Visa Lottery program was established in 1990 and provides entrance opportunities to up to 50,000 people attempting to enter the U.S. from countries with lower levels of immigration [Source: CNN]. People from countries such as China and Mexico cannot take advantage of the program as there are a high number of immigrants that are admitted from these countries, however, those from Kenya and the Netherlands can.

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How might a merit-based system affect immigrants?

According to Vogue, President Trump got behind a bill back in August that would “establish a skills-based immigration points system, to focus family-sponsored immigration on spouses and minor children, to eliminate the Diversity Visa Program, to set a limit on the number of refugees admitted annually to the United States, and for other purposes” [Source: U.S. Senate]. Immigrants would be permitted to enter the U.S. based on the number of points they qualify to receive. Things like age, academic achievements, and income would all play a role in how many points are awarded.

For instance, someone who is between the ages of 26 and 30 who received a bachelor’s degree and earned at least 300 percent of what the median income was in the state he or she wanted to live would have a higher chance of being admitted into the U.S.  But, what happens to those immigrants who weren’t as fortunate as others and simply wanted to come work in the farming industry with no degree?

One of the discrepancies many have found with reforming immigration into a merit-based system is that Trump is merely using income and job rank as a way to determine who is “worthy” of receiving a green card for entry. Although the program has yet to be approved, it is important that you remain informed on the current immigration laws and how they might affect you.

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